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(Trigger warning: mentions of abuse)

She was an average girl, she fell in love one night
Holding hands, Sharing kisses under the moon light,
Everything was perfect, she was so happy
And soon her heart became chained by his lock and key
They knew they’d be together for eternity
Hearts and souls intertwined in complete serenity
But not everything is as it seems, inside this happy little family
He didn’t understand, he let it slip by
Didn’t know he was the reason for her crying eyes
He didn’t realise, his actions, the words he used
We’re all adding up to emotional abuse
She was Overwhelmed by all the expectations, she learnt to be an actor just to fit in
Became what he needs, with different identity’s
Split herself apart to match his personality
Oh She fakes a laugh, Puts on a cheerful smile,
She learnt to play her part, Rehearse all her lines,
Watch herself, and every word, and every move she made
Scared of the consequence, if she were to make a mistake
But her heart, it is still his to keep, still chained up by his lock and key
She’d do anything just to make him happy, even if that meant to lose herself completely

Oh There goes another pice of her heart
Cracked off, oh and shattered apart
It’s turning dark, she’s ask’s herself one thing,
How can emptiness feel so suffocating?
Oh Push it down, you can’t let it
Out of sight, of mind, Everything is fine
Continue on, like there’s nothing wrong
Maybe one day, it’ll all be gone.

~Her feelings turned dark, everything slowed down
She was lost, the darkness closed in, she had no where to run~
She’s A caged bird singing, she wish someone would listen
But her sorrow filled notes on the wind just go missing
He saw that she was down, she suffered the pain he’d inflict
So she started hiding her emotions just to avoid the conflict
She tells deceitful lies to mask her crying eyes
“Yes of course I am ok” “and I am doing just as fine”
Can’t he hear the pain, in these foolish lies?,
Oh Can’t he tell? Look at her dull eyes,
There’s no more light, all the colour left her sight
Short steps, deep breaths, “everything is alright”
That’s what she tells herself, each and every night
Even though deep down, she knows it’s all lies
But The love she feels for him, outweighs the pain in her heart
So she chokes it down, and continues to play her part
Going on as if everything is alright, while inside she’s slowly losing the fight
But she doesn’t show it, oh she can’t let him know it
Because She has to be the perfect happy girl he fell in love with

Oh There goes another pice of her heart
Cracked off, oh and shattered apart
It’s turning dark, she’s ask’s herself one thing,
How can emptiness feel so suffocating?
Oh Push it down, you can’t let it
Out of sight, of mind, Everything is fine
Continue on, like there’s nothing wrong
Maybe one day, it’ll all be gone.
Lil_dragonfly Yesterday, 02:12PM · Tags: lyrics, song, original

Daddy has been gone for work for a week. I miss him so much. I've been a good girl for the most part, the only thing I haven't done was fold the laundry like Daddy told me. The bratty side of me wants to leave it because he left me for so long. Daddy should be home tomorrow, and I wonder what he has for me. He said he was gonna get me a gift for being a Good girl all week. As I am sitting at the table coloring, there is a knock at the door. Weird, I'm not expecting anyone. The knock sounds again, so I go to the door and answer it without looking to see who it is. Daddy is standing on the porch, witha stern look on his face. Oh shit, my ass is grass. 

"Did you just open this door without looking to see who it was little girl?" Shit Daddy is mad, I know I should answer but I am too shocked to speak. Daddy has been gone for so long. His deep brown eyes, and strong jaw are set into the better answer me now look. 

"um..........I missed you Daddy." I say to try and avoid getting punished. I know it's going to happen anyways. 

"I missed you too little girl, but you didn't answer Daddy's question." 

"Yes, Daddy. I opened the door without looking." I say with my head hung in shame. 

"You know the consequences for that baby. Were you a good girl this week?"

"No Daddy, I didn't fold the laundry like you asked." Better to get all my lashings at once. Damn my bratty side. 

"I see. Go over to the couch and bare that bottom little girl. You have been naughty, Daddy needs to spank that ass." I walk over to the couch almost on autopilot. Once I am next to the couch, I pull my panties down and lift up my skirt. daddy's voice booms behind me making me jump, "Bend over the arm, young lady. You are getting five lashes for opening the door and then five for not folding the laundry. You will count them."

"Yes Daddy." I laid over the arm, my stomach in knots. I hate punishments but I know I deserve this. The only warning I get is the swish of the belt through the air. CRACK! I forgot how much this hurts, "One, Daddy" CRACK! CRACK! "Two, Three." CRACK! CRACK! "Four, five." By now the tears are running freely down my face, Daddy pauses to rub some of the sting out.

"Baby, I am doing this so you don't get hurt. What if it was a serial killer at the door?" I brake into sobs. "Five more baby. You are doing such a good job taking your punishment. Such a good girl." I feel Daddy move away and I attempt to relax my bottom. CRACK! CRACK! 

"Six, seven." Breathe I tell myself. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Eight, nine, ten." I hear the belt drop to the floor, and then Daddy has me in his lap. 

"Shhhh, babygirl. It's all over. Daddy's has you now. It's okay. Such a good girl." I cry into his chest thankful that he is finally home and has put my bratty side to bed. I don't like my bratty side, she's a meanie. "Does my little girl want to see what Daddy got her while she was away?" i instantly perk up. Daddy chuckles at me.

"Yes please Daddy." Daddy sets me on the couch, and walks over to his bag. 

"Close your eyes baby. Hold out your hands." I do as I am told. Is it a new stuffie, I always love stuffies. I feel something in my hands, it feels like leather and fur. Weird okay, "Open your eyes baby girl." I look down at the object in my hands. Handcuffs, Daddy got me handcuffs! I look at Daddy to see him smirking at me. 

"I don't know what to say Daddy." 

"You don't have to say anything. Just trust Daddy, yeah?" 

"Of course, Daddy always." 

"Come with me baby, Daddy has some more presents but Daddy wants you in his bed." I take Daddy's hand and he leads me to his bedroom. "On the bed baby." I hop up on the bed, and wait for Daddy. He stalks over to me, "Arms up." I lift my arms and he pulls my dress off over my head. Now I am completely naked before him. "Hands out, palms up." I reach out my hands and watch as he fastens the cuffs to my wrists. When he is finished i test the strenght of them. They are solid effectively holding my wrists together. "On your back doll. Hands above your head." I do as bidded, and i watch as he pulls out a blindfold, ankle cuffs, and a new paci. This new paci is weird it has a band on it. Daddy attaches the ankle cuffs, then pulls my legs apart so he can attach my ankles to the bed posts. Daddy then picks up the paci, I realize that it is a paci gag. I start to panic, I struggle against the cuffs but can't go anywhere. "Hush baby. Daddy has you, relax. This is your new paci, if you need daddy to stop just snap your fingers together okay." I nod my head as he places the paci in my mouth. Daddy attaches it to my head. "Is that too tight babygirl?" I shake my head no. Daddy reaches for the blindfold and places it over my eyes. This is so intense, as I suckle on my paci, I feel Daddy between my legs. "Okay baby, since Daddy gave you that new paci and you can't talk, go ahead and cum when you need to." I nod my head in understanding. I can already feel myself soaking the sheets under me.

"Oh my, my I have a naughty littel girl on my hands. So fucking wet." Daddy says his soothing voice rough with desire. I can feel Daddy's tounge licking around my pussy lips. I am already so close to cumming, as soon as his tounge hits my clit I explode. I am rewarded with hearing Daddy groan. "Such a good girl baby. Daddy is going to fuck you now." I feel daddy move up so that his body is over mine. In one swift motion daddy drives into me. Over and over again Daddy's thick, hard cock rams into me. I can feel the tension building, I can tell Daddy is close because he is thrusting harder, and he is grunting. "Fucking hell baby, you're so tight." Daddy grits out. That pushes me over the edge, my whole body convulsing, and clamping on Daddy's cock. I feel the hot jets of Daddy's cummies in my pussy which sets me off agian. i scream through the paci. I feel Daddy pull out, uncuff my ankles and wrists. Daddy takes off the blindfold and takes out my new paci. He replaces it with my favorite paci. I feel Daddy crawl into bed behind me, and pull me close to him. "I missed you babygirl." 

"I missed you too Daddy." i drifted off to sleep knowing that Daddy would be there when I woke up

BabyBoo1110 Yesterday, 10:41AM · Tags: daddy issues

I have butterflies in my tummy. I get to meet Daddy today, I'm so nervous about it. What if he doesn't like me? What if I'm not good enough of a little for him? I go to the hotel where Daddy is staying, he told me he would be waiting for me in the lobby. I walk through the lobby taking in the fireplace, I get lost in the flames, watching them dance around. I feel someone come up behind me, I tense up. I slowly turn around to find a solid wall of muslce standing behind me. I take a step away from the person so I can look at his face. His greenish eyes are filled with longing, his strong jaw and his sensual lips are pulled into a smirk. That's my Daddy!! Filled with overwhelming excitment I squeal and jump into his arms, "Daddy! You came. You really came!!"

"Of course I did my babygirl. I have been waiting to meet you for a while now." His deep, claming voice sooths my raw nerves. "Daddy want to tuck you in now, come on little one." I follow Daddy to the elevator. I am bouncing with excitement, this is the first time I actually get to be in littlespace without my kiddos interupting the peace. "Is my little girl excited?" 

"Yes, Daddy. I am so excited. I get to be with you finally after so much waiting." My voice going all high-pitched with excitement. The elevator opens and Daddy leads me by the hand to his room. This is actually happening, Daddy opens the door to the room and sitting on the bed is a giant pink and purple unicorn stuffie. "Yay!!!! thank you daddy!!!!!" I run and jump onto the bed and wrap my arms around my new stuffie. I hear Daddy chuckle at my antics.

"Do you like your new stuffie princess?" 

"Yes, Daddy very much. Thank you." Still hugging my stuffie, I watch Daddy put on a movie. Frozen starts playing on the TV. I start singing along with the movie before Daddy gets a chance to sit down. 

"Do you like this movie baby doll?" 

"Yes I do Daddy." I say while nodding my head. 

"Come here baby. Cuddle up with Daddy and let's watch our movie while Daddy brushes your hair sweets." 

"Okay, Daddy." I move to sit next to him and I lay my head on his lap. Daddy starts brushing my hair, and I relax into littlespace. Once the movie stops playing Daddy puts the brush away.

"Come on baby, time for your bath."

"Okay, Daddy." I hear Daddy start the water and when he comes out to get me he leans against the door frame.

"Come here baby, let Daddy help you get ready for your bath." I set my stuffie down on the bed, and walk over to Daddy. with my heart beating out of my chest Daddy says, "Lift your arms little girl." I comply as Daddy takes off my shirt and unhooks my bra. I start to get shy until daddy says, "You are such a pretty little girl baby." I take a deep breath as he moves to take off my skirt. I got special panites for this that say Yes, Daddy on them. Once Daddy has my skirt down Daddy looks up at me, "Princess as much as I love these cheeky panties, they need to come off." Daddy slides my panties down, I know when he sees how excited I am because he groans, "My baby likes it when daddy takes care of her. Doesn't she?" 

"Yes, daddy." My voice is all breathy and shy. Daddy takes my hand and leads me to the tub, he has bubbles and everything!  Daddy helps me into the tub and he starts washing my hair, once he is done with that he moves onto my body. He spends extra time on my breasts while he kisses my neck. the throbbing between my legs has me moaning for mercy. "Please, Daddy"

"What do you need babygirl?"

"Daddy I need you between my legs please." 

"In time princess, how about you let Daddy pet that pretty kitty, yeah?" 

"Yes please daddy." Daddy moves his hand in between my legs and he starts to stroke my pussy. I start to moan louder.

"Oh my, my little girl like her pussy stroked. you're fucking soaked baby." Daddy starts to circle my clit, slowly getting faster and faster. I am moaning like a wanton hussy and I don't care. "That's it baby, come all over Daddy's hands" I explode. Daddy helps me out of the tub and wraps me in a towel. "Let's get you all tucked in for a nap baby." My legs are useless so Daddy carries me to the bed. He sets me down on the edge and says," Okay baby, Daddy has a lolli for you to suck on." I can see the outline of Daddy's thick, hard shaft right in front of my face. My mouth waters at the site, Daddy yanks off his shirt, and pulls down his pants and boxers. Daddy is HUGE. 

"What if it won't fit Daddy?" 

"We will take it nice and easy baby. Now open up." I open my mouth and Daddy starts to feed me his cock. I have to force myself not to gag and swallow instead. "That's it baby, take Daddy's cock." Daddy starts to thrust his hips, he gets faster and faster until he stills and I feel his cum in my throat. I swallow as much as I can and lick Daddy off. My pussy is dripping wet again and feels empty, but Daddy is still hard! "Lay back now baby, Daddy is going to make your kitty purr around Daddy's cock." Daddy climbs on top of me and settles his shaft at my entrance. I can feel the pulsing of it, Daddy doesn't waste anytime. Daddy starts to feed my dripping pussy his cock inch my inch. When Daddy is about half way in he grits out, "Fuck baby, you are so fucking tight." After a few more thrusts from daddy he is in, he is so deep inside of me that my eyes roll back. Daddy starts to move, "That's it baby, tkae daddy's cock." I am beyond words right now, overcome with pleasure. I can feel the tension build and build until I explode.

"Daddy!!!" I scream as my pussy clamps down onto Daddy's cock. Daddy pulls out and flips me over. Without warning Daddy starts spanking me. "Daddy, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to come." I cry

"You don't ever come, not without having permission from Daddy. Do you understand little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy." I knew I was a mess up, he doesn't want me anymore.

"Daddy is gonna fuck your naughty little asshole for comming without permission. On your knees now." I comply while he gets off the bed. I feel Daddy climb back on the bed behind me. I hear the cap of the lube open and feel a cold trickle slide down my ass. Daddy uses first one finger then two, stretching my ass wide enough for him. It hurts but there is so much pleasure in knowing that he still wants me that i don't mind. Daddy takes away his fingers and replaces them with his cock. I try to relax but when he presses in it hurts too much.

"Daddy, please stop it hurts!" I cry 

"Relax and let me in little one. Daddy needs to punish you for cumming without permission." I take a deep breath and let it out, I can feel Daddy slipping deeper and deeper into my bottom. "That's it princess, that's a good girl." The pain turns into pleasure as he says I am his good girl. Daddy slides in the rest of the way. Daddy starts to thrust slowly until I loosen up around him, then he really starts to move. Daddy pounds into me and i feel the tension building and building.

"Daddy, please may I come." I beg 

"Such a good girl. Yes you may. Come all over Daddy's cock. Come now." I scream as I let go and I see stars. I feel daddy's cock swell in my ass and feel the hot, ropes of cum jetting into my naughty little ass. This makes my orgasm continue into another. I am vaguley aware of daddy pulling out and I hiss a little. I feel a warm wet cloth wipe away the mess we made and then Daddy lifts me up and puts me under the covers. "Here's a paci baby, and your stuffe. Rest now baby doll, Daddy is so proud." 

BabyBoo1110 Dec 13 · Comments: 2
Remembering that this isn't always easy and at times people will judge you on who you want to be. Don't give into temptation nor the persistent one. You deserve better than that. Don't go uneducated it will only put you in harms way. Learning what you desire only helps you find the perfect one. Know your worth and what you stand for and don't settle for less. We are little's but yet we are woman. 
hewwo! i hope you are doing good.. i just joined this site and would love to meet other littles. i want to make more little friends and be able to build a friendship! if youre looking for da same things, shoot me a message or comment!yay. tank you! talk to you soon <3 ^.^

I went to get my roots touched up today.  The lady I went to was new there and I'd never had her to my hair before.  For whatever reason she put bleach on my hair.  It fried at the root.  They had to cut 18 inches off my hair.  My hair used to be so long I could almost sit on it.  Now it's above my shoulders.  I can't stop crying or calm down.  I know it's "just" hair but it took me ten years to grow it.  I felt beautiful and now I don't.  Now I feel so ugly.  I have low self confidence but my hair made me proud.  I know that sounds vain but I'm so sad.  I have to work at 3pm today and I can't get myself together.  I'm not even sure why I'm writing this here except I'm hoping that writing about it will help.  I know women understand but I don't think men do.  I told my guy friend from HS and he was like "well it's okay you're still beautiful".  When I told my BFF she cried with me and told me I should sue her ass.  They have said they will put extensions  in for free which are pretty expensive but I have to wait a month for my hair to heal and IT'S NOT MY OWN HAIR~~~!!!

I just want to sit in my hoodie and never take it off.  I want all my stuffies.  I tried to watch Frozen but it doesn't work.  I have to get myself together.  I can't go and deal with patients while crying.  Everyone is going to ask why I cut my hair.  I don't even want to talk to them about it cuz then I will lose it again.

I can't even figure out how to style it. :(


I want you to know

one thing.

You know how this is:

if I look

at the crystal moon, at the red branch

of the slow autumn at my window,

if I touch

near the fire

the impalpable ash

of the wrinkled body of the log,

everything carries me to you,

as if everything that exists,

aromas, light. metals,

were little boats

toward those isles of yours that wait for me

Well, now,

if little by little you stop loving me

I shall stop loving you little by little.

If suddenly

you forget me

do not look for me,

for I shall already have forgotten you.

If you think it long and mad,

the wind of banners

that passes through my life,

and you decide

to leave me at the shore

of the heart where I have roots,


that on that day,

at that hour,

I shall lift my arms

and my roots will set off

to seek another land


if each day

each hour,

you feel that you are destined for me

with  implacable sweetness

if each day a flower

climbs up to your lips to seek me,

ah my love, ah my own

in me all that fire is repeated,

in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten

my love feeds on your love, beloved,

as long as you live it will be in your arms

without leaving mine.


Bring me all of your dreams,

You dreamer,

Bring me all of your

Heart melodies

That I may wrap them

in a blue cloud cloth

Away from the too rough fingers

Of the word.

Langston Hughes

i'm currently binge listening to panic at the disco, dancing around, and having way to much energy while my brain is having a hard time processing and accepting that tomorrow is a school day :>

fhdfgafhgsfh i'll go to bed eventually-

I also got tumbler earlier so i'm also figuring out how stuff works on there-

me and daddy are going out to dinner tomorrow!

i am very excited

we are gonna eat fancy

we are also going to a movie

yes yes

daddy has been really sad lately

but i made him go to the doctors

he got happy pills now

just like me

i hope it helps

hopefully it does

i do not want daddy to be sad

it makes my heart hurt

we went to get our nails done a while ago

and then we went and ate at panda

i got pretty pink!

daddy got dark blue

it looks v good on us

i really want cuddles with daddy

i miss him a lot

he is busy rn tho



babygirl is also out of applejuice

and out of chocolate chip cookies


but i get to see daddy tomorrow!

i am so happy

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