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I know I posted yesterday and I'm sorry for all these post but if a caregiver sits there and messages you and tells you how real they are  they are, they're trying to pull the wool over their own eyes cuz they know they're actually not as real as they're trying to come off. A real Caregiver dosen't  tell you they are the real deal they just show it
LittleBluberry Yesterday, 06:58AM
AHHHHH I should probably be asleep right now, but I'm just too excited. My Sir is coming to California for the first time tomorrow and staying for a few days. We currently live 2,000 miles apart (which by the way, sucks booty) but we've been making it work for almost 6 months. 

QOTD: Is anyone else in a long distance relationship? What's the best parts about it, and the worst?A: The best part is seeing Him after a long time apart, but the waiting is the absolute worst!

itty_bitty_bunn Yesterday, 02:46AM
I had a wanna be try to act like he was my Daddy last night trying to order me to send him videos and stuff an this is literally the first time I've said a word to him then gets mad because I said I don't play the game he was trying to play. An he said I should have tried getting to know him before calling him a wanna be.  Dude I call it like I see it. You start off acting like a fake ass Dom that just wants to get off then that's what I'm going think you are. Just because you are talking to a little DOES NOT mean you own them. They don't owe you shit

I spent 5 years finally coming to be the persons I am today. ( shy, silly, loving, nerdy, clumsy, two left, loves to smile and laugh)

I have given so much of myself to others who didn't deserve me, Trust me loving me bringing's hardships, mental breakdowns, the I am not good enough.. but it also brings deep uncontrollable love, the need for your attention only, being ME. I want a daddy that swipes me off my feet to a point were I know I will never want to touch the ground again, I want a daddy that is a number 1 fan..to stand in my corner an tell me everything is going to be just fine. I want a daddy that I could tell my secrets too. A protector because my job puts in spaces and places that are scary that somedays the world feels like it could just eat me whole. I need my daddy to be able to communicate with me, I want him to open my eyes to new and amazing life skills, to nurture me and take me to new levels of self confidence that I have never felt. I need daddy to help guide me through this life showing me new experiences opening my eyes to different cultures and art. I need a daddy to be my anchor in knowing that no matter were we go in this life that we anchor down and enjoy everything to the fullest.  

I am an old soul with a childish nature, I love long drives and listening to Motown, jazz, DISNEY, old rock,black sabbath, ACDC, Queen.. I can care less for material things because there comes a point in life where they no matter but memories well those can stand the test of time :) I am continuing my path that lays before me may the goddess bless you and yours , may love meet you at your front door and open your eyes for the wonders of the world await you in this life and the next.

"blessed be!!" <3 <3 

P.S If this is you I will be waiting for your response :) Yours Truly 

are there any littles that play toontown ? if so feel free to txt me.

and pls no doms if ya gonna be jerks,or nasty

I hates hwaving to hides my little witty sides but, parts of me know that's I won't get a daddy if I hides it

Im going to be going afk in a bit as its thanksgiving and i have to eat my second thanksgiving dinner lol
I just needed to rant about this, so first things first. I'm a young fashion student from Morocco and moved to Milan Italy for university, I study fashion design. So ever since I moved even before that I haven't been feeling like myself I have been stressed like a lot sometimes for no reason whatsoever. And sometime, well almost all the times my emotions start overpowering the stress and then I start crying because of it. Maybe it is because i have been living alone and the responsibilities start piling up and get overwhelming. There are times that I have been so stressed that I go hide in the toilet at the university and start crying. 

Like the life here I don't know if I like it or not I even start considering my own life, keep in mind that I have never been this depressed before and also I'll be absent just because I am emotionally not good either. It's started to get real bad and slowly started losing the motivation to do anything and eventually considering giving up. You should also know that I'm a lazy piece of shit and forget stuff easily, that also adds up to everything that i have. My parents keep telling me to do certain things that i keep on forgetting, I don't know why i do that to be honest. 

Sometimes I tell myself how much of a disappointment I am to my parents and hurt them because of the things that they tell me to do but i don't do. I just think that I'm a failure and that if I keep on going on like this I am gonna totally fail at life. I really hope I can shake this laziness away because it is really gonna mess me up big time in the future.

Smokey Bear & Baby Girl
Start Chapter 1 of 12
"The Worst Day Ever"

There once was a Baby Girl who lived at home in a small town next to a big forest. Hidden inside this forest was a small wood cabin that only Baby Girl knew. Inside the cabin was a kitchen, fireplace, party supplies, art displays, and over one hundred stuffed animals. This was her safe place.

There once was a bear named Smokey who lived in this big forest next to the small town. Smokey lived in a comfortable cavern near the river. Smokey didn’t mind living alone. He loved his home. He could run, climb, swim, fish, hunt, and sleep all day if he wanted. This was his safe place.

But today was a very bad day. The Worst Day Ever.

A wildfire began to tear across the forest floor. The forest rangers spotted the smoke and called for help. Baby Girl ran from her home in town to the edge of the forest, but the road was closed until the fire fighters could contain the blaze. Baby Girl cried. She was scared her cabin was burning. She was scared her friends were dying.

The fire chased Smokey and surrounded him. The smoke choked his lungs, the ash blinded his eyes, and the flames charred his paws. Smokey had no way out. His only escape was to climb the tallest tree he could find. Snap! Crack! Smokey heard trees falling around him and held tight. Snap! Crack! He thought at any moment his tree was next. On top of the tree Smokey saw himself floating in a lake of fire. Smokey never cried or prayed but tonight he did to anyone that could hear him, "HELP!"

The fire raged all night. Baby Girl watched in horror as the fire passed to devour a new forest. It’s not safe. Smoke is still in the air. The ground is still hot. The road is closed but Baby Girl knew a way into the forest without a road. As soon as her courage pushed pass her fear, she walked into the charred woods.

The smoke and fire slowly passed. Somehow Smokey had survived the night and could see the sunrise. He could finally get a breath of air. He thought the worst had passed and it was safe to crawl down. Smokey was burnt, sick, and exhausted. He needed fresh air and water. He crawled through the burnt woods back to his cavern, but the fire took everything. Only a few trees, bushes, and blades of grass stood. He was really alone now. This was The Worst Day Ever.

Baby Girl walked down a hillside of ash. The life that stood would not last the winter. She hoped but was also certain her cabin and friends were gone. Her hopes were extinguished when she saw her cabin and everything in it leveled. Destroyed in the fire. All that remained was a stone fireplace. Baby Girl fell on the floor and cried. She cried so much there were no more tears left. This was The Worst Day Ever.

Smokey began to look for anyone who survived the fire. In the distance he saw one standing structure. It was the stone fireplace from Baby Girl's cabin. The cabin was no longer hidden in trees and brush. Smokey wandered to investigate.

Baby Girl heard footsteps approaching. Usually she would keep safe and make sure no one knew where she was but there was no hiding.

Two furry ears, a wrinkled forehead, big brown eyes, and a dry nose peeked around the stone fireplace. Smokey saw the sad eyes of a Baby Girl. Usually Baby Girl would run away from the bear and Smokey would never approach people but this time they were just surprised to see someone else alive. Smokey sat right next to Baby Girl and asked, "What are you doing here?" Baby Girl wondered the same thing, "My cabin burnt down in the fire." Smokey could feel her pain. "The fire took my home. I think this is the worst day ever." Baby Girl agreed, "I know this is the worst day ever." They spent hours reliving their awful night and then both sat there in sad silence. They had cried all their tears.

The sky dimmed again as the sun set. Baby Girl knew it wasn’t safe at night and she was scared. She had to ask for help, "I’m alone at night. It’s not safe. I can't hide. Please walk me back to town and make sure the wolves don't eat me." Smokey hesitated but agreed to walk Baby Girl home, "Those mean wolves don't mess with me. If they did I would bite their butts." Smokey showed his teeth when he smiled. Baby Girl thought a bear biting the mean wolves' butts would be funny too. They did not notice each other’s smile, but we did.

When the couple arrived, Baby Girl thanked Smokey and offered him inside her home for something to eat. Smokey loved food, especially honey! He was so hungry. He could not decline. The food was so good! Smokey left his manners in the forest because he ate so fast. Smokey finished his second serving and had a jar of honey for dessert. Baby Girl liked feeding Smokey. She studied him.

Smokey was beat up. His fur, claws, and paws were badly burn and dirty. Baby Girl offered Smokey a bath. Smokey hesitated because he thought soaps and shampoos were "girly". Baby Girl laughed, "If smelling good and looking nice is girly, then you can be the girliest bear in the forest." Smokey did not like being teased but Baby Girl persuaded him, "What's the use of being big and strong if you get sick? Do you want to get sick?" Smokey hated being sick, so he and Baby Girl went to the bathroom to clean his wounds. Smokey was grateful.

After the bath it began to rain. "Great! Now it rains." Baby Girl’s sarcasm broke. Smokey said, "This is good because the rain may stop the fire from spreading." Baby Girl notice Smokey’s positive perspective. Baby Girl insisted Smokey stay the night and offered her bed. "Where will you sleep?" Smokey asked. Baby girl said, "I won’t. I just lay in bed and think and think. I can't stop thinking." Smokey argued, "Everyone needs sleep. What are you going to do all night?" Baby girl said, "Stay up, read, draw, color..." But Smokey insisted, "I can’t fall asleep with a little girl just staring at me. Please come to bed." Baby Girl groaned, "Fine, but I'm just going to stay awake."

Baby Girl laid beside the exhausted bear. She tried not to disturb Smokey but she couldn't help it. Smokey growled, "Quiet!" and held her tight. Baby Girl's eyes narrowed, "I'm not scared of you bear." Smokey’s eyes rolled back and eyelids shut. In seconds he was asleep. Baby Girl wanted desperately to wake him. She was certain she would stay up all night but in a few minutes she was completely crashed.

Smokey and Baby Girl slept all night, all morning, and into the afternoon. This was their first day-and-night.

Our companions don't know that they will fall in love and become inseparable, but we do.

Smokey Bear & Baby Girl
End Chapter 12 of 12

Our adventures are complete. You are reading the end of the entire series.

Smokey and Baby Girl are in love, had many adventures, and lived many years. The forest has grown and the animals have return. Smokey is bigger with a touch of grey. No tree could hold him now. Smokey and Baby Girl have a new safe place. A giant stone castle on a hilltop and inside is this kingdom is over one thousand stuffed animals with huge art displayed everywhere.

After a long celebration with their friends in the forest, Smokey and Baby Girl said goodbye and walked back to their home in town. Along their way, they took the road less traveled and walked by the old wood cabin. The brush and grass have overgrown all expect the stone fireplace where Baby Girl and Smokey first met. The pain has healed but Baby Girl's feelings resurfaced. Her eyes tear and lips pout. She said,

"I remember that day. That day was The Worst Day of Ever."

Smokey hated seeing Baby Girl hurt. He would do anything to take her pain away. They both experience pain but Smokey had resilience. Resilience is how two siblings can grow up in the same broken home or how two soldiers can fight in the same war; one may be traumatized but the other "fine". Smokey was always positive. He offered the only support he could at the time,

"That day wasn't that bad. That was The Day I Met You." :)


(Daddy closes the book, covers Baby Girl in kisses and blankets, then walks to the bedroom door)

"Goodnight Baby Girl. I love you."

(CLICK. Daddy turns off the light and shuts the door)

(GOOD GIRLS read Smokey Bear & Baby Girl one more time then go to bed)

(BAD GIRLS read Smokey Bear & Baby Girl many times then stay up late to read more @ www.smokeybear.com)

Smokey_Bear Nov 24 · Rate: 5
Rule #1 Safety

Physical and mental well-being is priority. Daddy must provide basic needs for Baby Girl then assist with Baby Girl's psychological needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy;

1. Physical Needs (food, water, shelter, health)
2. Safety Needs (personal, financial security)
3. Love (friends, family, intimacy)
4. Esteem (prestige, accomplishment)
5. Self-Actualization (utilize skills, pursue goals) RAISED

A GOOD CAREGIVER will put your health and safety above all things including their own desire.

A BAD CAREGIVER will forbid you from your friends and family.

Rule #2 Responsibility

Poor instructions are the instructor’s fault. If Daddy instructs Baby Girl but she DOES NOT understand, then Daddy is to blame. If Daddy instructs Baby Girl and she DOES understand but disobeys, then Baby Girl will be punished.

"If orders are not thoroughly understood then the general is to blame." -Sun Tzu

Rule #3 Emotions

You can't tell someone how they feel. If Baby Girl feels pain or depression, Daddy can't tell her that she does not. If Baby Girl tells Daddy he doesn't care (Baby Girl is telling Daddy how he feels) Daddy should acknowledge but correct, "Baby Girl, I'm sorry you feel that way and I will avoid what made you feel that way, but that's not true. I do care."

Smokey_Bear Nov 24 · Rate: 5
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