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The world right now is a crazy place and so many people are hurting. We need to be here for one another! I am not trying to start anything and i am not here for any type of negativity. If you do not agree with this post that is fine but if you need someone to talk to if you are hurting, scared, ect. I am here for you and here to listen to you.

Everyone has different opinions but there are serious things going on in our society and no i am not that educated on the matters going on but i can lend my support and be someone who chooses to listen and learn.

That is who i want to be..

That is who i am choosing to be!

I am here to listen to you and welcome you with open arms.

This is not just a post for what has happened in the past few days! This is for any and all matters you are going through.

My dms are a safe space

Thank you for reading!

  (side note: if you are looking to be hateful please move along thank you!)

i am looking to have new friends :) i've got an amazing daddy, if your interest in, messsage me
hey guys, 

i dont have much going on today, and I'm new to this website so i thought I'd share a little bit about myself. I'm 18, and i'm graduating from high school this year. sucks that I got gypped of a graduation tho. I'm still living with my parents sadly and they're strict as all hell, but I'm hoping once i get my licence and car i should be more free. lol. i like to create art and poems and i'm a brat!

when it comes to being a  little I don't do most of the the little things that are considered typical for this lifestyle. I guess you could say I'm more of a sub, but I do regress with the right person. It just takes time for me to get comfy to regress in front of someone if that makes any sense. 

anyway, that's all for now!

hmu if you'd like to talk! I'm gonna be on mostly at night 


She wore her Winnie the Pooh pajamas. From her toe to her neck her body was clothed in the juvenile fashion. Her mouth held a pacifier and her hair was in pigtails. She was a little. That was how Angie wanted to express herself, experience her happiness. Albert quite ready to accommodate her. How we reached pleasure was different for everybody. The subtle and simple was often the easiest for some to wrap their minds around and that’s how Albert saw Angie. An innocent seeking affirmation, want, and desire without ulterior motive; even if it meant enjoying each other alternatively.

Any man could pounce, attack. So few could covet and appreciate and that’s what Angie sought. Not to be treated like a porcelain doll but for someone to take the time to indulge her and appreciate her and not just seek to use her for their own desire. Simple and brief desire meted out with no more appreciation than blowing one’s nose into a tissue.

Angie desired to be touched and to feel cherished when touched. Protected and valued when embraced, even if that embrace later become intense and body racking. The intense and great was wanted, but first she wanted to feel loved and appreciated. Then she could be made to cum for him again and again and again.

“You look adorable Angie.” Angie’s face lit up with a smile. She was tempted to speak but with the pacifier in her mouth she couldn’t. She wasn’t allowed. Albert was keen to hear her speak though. “Let me help you with that little girl.”

The pacifier slid easily out of Angie’s mouth. Her smile now showed her lips as excitement filled her eyes. Albert was not in a rush to do anything with her, and for her it was a nice change of pace to be indulged for once and not be the one doing the indulging. “That’s my good little girl.” Growl within his voice tickled at Angie’s mind. “Thank you sir.” She responded back meekly.

“Do you want to please me little girl?” Alberts eyes intentionally looked up and down so Angie could see it. “Yes sir” Angie replied with an unmistakable note of excitement. Albert pressed a thumb at Angie’s lips. “Let’s get you cleaned up…so I can make you dirty.” Angie instinctively bit a Albert’s thumb gently running the tip of her tongue at his thumb.

Albert led Angie to the bath. He had picked out a set of soaps for her and gentle sponge. As the water ran filling the tub with a bath soap making bubbles Albert pulled Angie close to him. At first to hug her close to him. Then he lifted her chin so he could gently kiss her lips. Angie responded with restrained want. This was not a time for her to react, to engage. It was a time for her to receive and do as she was told.

Albert began running his hands on the outside of her pajamas but quickly moved to beneath them as the tub filled. Angie felt his hands running across her flesh. Going everywhere but where she expected, and a part of he wanted. Instead Albert pushed into her flesh with the tips of his fingers as he moved to her back pushing her pajama top up before he moved to pull it over her head.

“Such a pretty little girl you are.” Albert said as he unabashedly looked at her naked breasts. Angie smiled at the obvious note of approval on Albert’s face and for a moment got lost in the thought to be caught by surprise as Albert pulled her bottoms down.

“Did you prepare yourself for me.” An Albert on bended knee said, looking at Angie’s groomed pubic hair. Trimmed but not smooth. “Yes Sir.” Angie replied, again gladdened by the ensuing events.

Albert led Angie to the bath and held her hand as helped her sit down. “Let’s get a feel for you.” Albert wetted the sponge and played at cleaning Angie. Her and Albert’s eyes exchanging knowing and wanting looks. Now Angie was bear, vulnerable to Albert. A part of her liked it as she knew it promised more. No man desired to see a woman naked before them, and only look. And she wanted so much more from Albert.

“Have I been a good girl Daddy?” Angie meekly and softly uttered. Albert grunted a chuckle before speaking. “Soon you will be my little girl.” Angie pouted and got bratty, eager to see how Albert would react. “But that’s not fair!!!” Angie splashed the tub getting Albert wet. “I did everything you asked, that should make me your good girl.” Angie went to splash again and Albert grabbed her hair in his left hand pulling her head back and moving his face within inches of hers.

The fast acted startled Angie, it was a surprise. It was strong, and it was controlling. It made Angie’s jaw quiver and without realizing it she squeezed her legs together tightly as she quivered down there as well.

Albert spoke quietly but deeply. “You don’t decide when you’ve been a good girl. I do. You are mine and I decide when you’ve earned being a good girl. Do you understand?” Albert’s last words were more a snarl. “Yes sir.” Angie said with a note of fear.

Albert’s right hand pushed on her pubic area. His fingers forcing her thighs apart. Albert pulled down harder on Angie’s hair forcing her head back, her lips pointing more to the ceiling and her eyes unable to see Albert as her face was left no other choice than to look at the ceiling.

“Now, since you are so eager to be my good girl. I should get you started. Albert growled before lightly biting Angie’s ear making her want to squeal in pain. Before she could she felt Albert’s finger push over her lips two of his fingers spreading her labia as his middle finger traced over her clit and to the entrance of her vagina.

“Do good girls cum for their Daddies?” Albert asked, the angry growl in his voice. “Yes Daddy” Angie moaned back as she felt Albert’s middle finger slightly penetrate her as his palm rested on her hooded clit. Albert played at the surface of her vagina as he grounded his palm on her clit. His palm grinding in circles teasing her clit as his finger teased her vagina.

“How many times are you going to cum for me?” Albert’s finger slid inside her and Angie moaned her answer. The penetration was not great but it had been so badly wanted. “As much as you want Daddy.”

Albert withdrew from her only to push his middle finger at her clit with two more fingers. The bud of her clit being stimulated directly by his middle finger as his other fingers were on each side of her clit, almost trapping her clit as Albert had his way with Angie.

Albert pressed down harder as his ministrations became focused. The tip of his middle finger playing up and down rubbing her bud leaving Angie with no other possible reaction than to quiver in pleasure and moan.

“That’s my good girl.” Albert said as he kissed Angie’s neck. His strokes followed Angie’s reactions go faster where they seemed to best elicit responses from her. Albert pulled Angie down to where her head laid against the wall of the shower, her back in the water and the bubbly water reaching her breasts. Albert’s kisses reached her throat and playfully he nipped at the flesh. His fingers finding her vagina again as his thumb turned to her clit.

Angie’s eyes shot open and she breathed in deeply as she felt Albert’s thumb push down on her clit as his finger crooked within her, finding a most sensitive place within her. “Oh I like that. I can’t wait to see how you react when I play with your G-spot” a low chuckling Albert added.

Angie’s breathing grew deeper and deeper as she felt herself building to an orgasm. The side to side diggings of Albert’s thumb over her clit along with his hooking fingers finding her sensitive place meant there was little chance of Angie not climaxing. He only had to keep doing what he was doing.

A few more minutes transpired. Between the sensations of the warm bath, Albert’s kisses, and his focused act. Angie reached her climax, her body spasming. Her legs didn’t know if they wanted to squeeze tightly on Albert’s hand or splay widely to have him do more. Worse yet, was that he wasn’t stopping. In fact he was intensifying his act.

“Shhh, that’s my good girl. Cum for me.” Albert deeply whispered before kissing Angie. His mouth causing hers to open so their tongues could play.

Angie couldn’t find the mind or coordinating to reply and match Albert’s eager kiss but still she found the act enjoyable. But Albert’s increasing pressure and speed with which he played with her, on top of her not having come down from her first orgasm, caused Angie to cry out.

“Daddy, please stop.” Albert pulled her hair harder and nipped at her throat between kisses. Angie’s hands reached out to Albert’s hand. She couldn’t control what she was doing. She needed him to stop, it was too much. It felt “too good.” Something Angie had never been faced with before.

Her pussy was still so sensitive and the stimulation was uncomfortable and foreign. So rarely had she reached climax with anyone else before, and more rare did anyone ever keep going. So often her climax was nothing more than a mark for her partner that their time was done pleasuring her and they could seek their own climax. For them to then get “theirs.” For the few who had ever taken the time to care, that was.

Albert growled “Cum for me.” And his actions burst with speed and Angie felt herself climax again. This time without any control over her body as all she could do was breathe through the pleasure and cry out with a moan before gritting her teeth. Her head swimming in the euphoria of the act.

But now she felt a pang of emptiness. Albert had stopped. His hand had withdrawn. Not only from her sex but also from her hair and Angie felt herself slipping into the water as her body was slack. The act of sublime pleasure was not being sullied with a note of something sad.

She could see in Albert’s eyes, he was displeased. And now more than ever that mattered to her she found herself feeling.

The two looked each other in the eyes as Albert dried his hands. Angie wanted to speak, she wanted ask a question but slightly angry look in Albert’s eyes told her that was forbidden. She had waited so long to first find this, someone who would even do this with her and now she feared she had lost. That she had somehow done something wrong, and that felt so unfair to her.

Angie audibly breathed in when Albert spoke, then realizing how little she had been breathing waiting for Albert to speak. “You’ve been a bad girl Angie.” Angie stayed mute not sure if she should reply. Albert cocked his head and spoke again “haven’t you Angie.” “Yes Daddy.” Angie’s words were more a mew than even a whisper.

“We’ll deal with that but first you need to be cleaned off properly.” Albert turned the shower on and undid the bath’s plug. Angie was still laying in the tub, not sure if she was allowed to move. The moment felt ruined to her. She didn’t like being his “bad girl.” She wanted to be his “good girl.” She wanted him to hug her again and kiss her gently on her forehead. She wanted to know he would never let her go but now she was unsure.

The shower’s head sprayed her face and Angie wanted to cry. Her racing heart felt betrayed now. “Get up so I can join you sweetheart.” Angie’s tear ready eyes opened up and she saw a nude Albert.

The sight was a mix of wonder and disappointment. She had wanted to things with Albert, certainly, but she now feared he would forget his role. The responsibility of him being her Daddy, and tend to his own wants now. Angie wanted to be selfish, so rarely had she ever gotten to be selfish, and now she especially wanted to be selfish with Albert.

His nudity meant she might lose that chance to be selfish, and she undeniably frowned as she stood, her free hand arm covering her breasts as she pouted. Her protest at Albert’s quick action to stop indulging her. “Stop pouting little girl or I’ll have to punish you harder.”

Angie refused to meet his eyes. Now she wanted to be a Brat. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to be enticed into behaving obediently or punished to do so. Her wants were at a cross with one another. She didn’t know yet what she wanted from Albert. He was capable of being so much and a part of her knew that.

That knowledge was not kind to her imagination or desire.

Albert stepped into the running shower and Angie kept refusing to meet his eyes. Now she was also covering her pussy with her hand as her arm hid her breasts. Her protest evident. Albert smiled at this act and he himself didn’t know if he wanted to punish her or gently entice her back to her being the good little girl she had been earlier.

Albert would be cruel later, so now he took the path of tenderness and kissed Angie on her turned forehead. “What’s wrong little girl.” Angie’s voice did not hide her pouting attitude. “You called me a bad girl.” “Why did I call you a bad girl?” Albert said as he ran a hand on her scalp. Massaging it gently, fondly.

Angie turned her head into Albert’s chest and spoke sadly. “I don’t know.” Angie honestly didn’t. Albert was a completely new experience to her. He was different. This for him was a symphony, and she had yet to learn that, much less understand it. He desired her, and her happiness, her satisfaction often so fleeting and absent for a woman. The fact that Angie was an adorable little, made the pursuit that much more enjoyable for Albert.

“You’ll learn sweetie. But Daddy needs you to be good to Daddy. Don’t you want to be good to Daddy?” Angie pouted more fiercely. “Do you promise not to forget me Daddy?”

Albert kept massaging Angie’s scalp and with his free hand he wrapped his arm around her back pulling her close to him. Their skin touching, sharing each other’s warmth. Angie turned his face to the right as she rested it on Albert’s hard chest. She could hear his heart racing. A war within himself at play. His own desire as a man battling his desire as a Daddy and a Dom. The Daddy and Dom sides of him were the worst at the moment. Angie was adorable and desirable to him. He wanted to own her in a deeply physical way but Angie was a Little and the typical ways would not work alone as they might with a normal submissive woman.

“I couldn’t forget you if I tried Angie. But I think you mean. You don’t want me to forget what you want?” Angie reached her right hand between them and cutely scratched lightly at Albert’s chest, feeling its hardness, the hardness only muscle can have. “Yes” Angie said as she nodded yes.

Albert’s massaging hand pulled her head back so Albert could look into her eyes. “Tell Daddy what you want.” Angie was lost in that moment. She had known for long what she wanted, till now. She had had ideas and dreams and fantasies and now when put on the spot. She was lost. “I don’t know.” The truth was that subconsciously, she didn’t want to know. She wanted Albert to know for her. She wanted someone else to know what she wanted, to care about what she wanted, what she needed. She wanted someone to truly care about her and love her. Not for the body she had and what they could take from it but also what they could give her and most importantly, what they could share with her and only her.

“Daddy will do his best to learn what it is you want.” Albert’s words sent a shiver into Angie. They weren’t everything she wanted to hear but they were still….loving. She felt they were tender and loving and most importantly genuine. He cared to learn who she was and what she wanted. “Thank you Daddy.” Angie said and she lifted her head back up and pursed her lips innocently waiting for Albert’s kiss which he tenderly gave lightly.

Angie’s smile had returned and she had dropped her defenses away revealing her nudeness again without obstacle. “We need to wash you up again sweetie.” Angie gingerly danced in place a little, shaking more than actually dancing to show her happiness. It meant Albert touching her again. And Albert touched her.

He lathered his hands thick with soapy bubbles and started with her neck, his fingers and thumbs pressing in to massage her muscles, relaxing her. Albert did take more time than necessary to wash her neck before moving to the top of her back. Angie couldn’t stop smiling and looking into Albert’s eyes. Her smile shined in her eyes and her teeth could be seen.

As Albert worked his way over her chest he gently ran his palms over her breasts. Not like a lover but more as a Daddy. His attention to her nipples was brief and functionary. As much as Albert wanted to spend time with Angie’s breasts, he reminded himself there was time for that later.

Angie wanted to giggle as Albert washed her tummy. The act tickling her without trying. She kept waiting for Albert to start seducing her again. A part of her wanted him to but her Little wanted him to keep being such a good Daddy. Focusing on her Little and not her as a woman.

Albert quickly washed the outside of Angie’s pussy and refused his craving to play with her again. He wanted to feel Angie lay against him as they stood, her weight leaning on him as he played with her and the memory of her orgasms coming back to her. He washed the inside of her thighs and quickly washed over her legs.

“I’ll be quick Albert” said as he wash Angie’s back while still facing her. Wrapping his arms around her, whispering in her ear. Angie enjoyed this treatment but she was still a woman and still wanted Albert to enjoy himself as well. And she wanted to touch him. Touching him there.

“Will I be a bad girl if I wash Daddy?” Angie’s question brought a mute smile to Albert’s face. “No you would be a good girl for Daddy.” Angie gently took the soap off the wall and pushed Albert back slightly. The two looked into each others’ eyes with a smile.

Angie returned the gentle washing, even trying to tickle Albert covertly, seeing if he was ticklish. But he failed to react. In the back of Angie’s mind it was a challenge she noted for the future. Angie’s comfort and trust in Albert’s willingness to genuine indulge let her free her own inhibitions and step away from the Little as she played herself. “Did Daddy get excited washing his Little Girl.” Angie reached with her soapy hand took ahold of Albert’s half-hardened length.

A deep and quick breath was the response Angie enjoyed before he spoke, along with the sleepy smile he had as well. It made touching Albert in this way, not just enjoyable. But tender as well. In the rush of penetrating or being penetrated people so rarely took the time to sensually learn and pleasure their partners. Albert had not been a rush, so Angie wanted to return the favor. “Yes, sweet little Angie, I did.”

Angie closed the distance between them and kissed Albert lightly on the lips. Albert quickly swelled in her hand as she gently stroked him. “Do you like washing me Daddy?” Angie’s soft voice held a note of coy inquisitiveness. She already knew the answer but she wanted to hear him say it. “Yes my sweet little girl.” Angie reached beneath his shaft gently washed his balls. As she did this she also made sure to teasingly touch the tip of his hardness to top of her slit. So close, yet so far away she mused with a smile as she looked into his eyes. She liked seeing him like this.

Hungry to pounce but restrained. Yet she didn’t like him with this much self-control at the moment. It somehow insulted her at the same time. She wanted to be irresistible to him at this moment and she ground the top of her slit against his, the very tip of his head pressing at her lips and she pulled down lightly on his balls with her lathered hand. “You like touching me Daddy?” Angie again asked coyly.

“You know I do Angie.” Angie kissed him lightly but let the kiss linger. “So why aren’t you touching me Daddy?”

Albert hungrily kissed her back with speedy fervor and he pulled himself back from her just enough to reach a hand between them and reach his middle finger to her clit before closing the gap again.

Angie had not been prepared for the shock of her sensitive clit being teased again and she stopped in her own play as she felt Albert playing with her clit. He had not been gentle or teasing about it. He had gone straight for it and her face fell to his chest as the strength in her legs started to leave her.

Albert’s strong pulling and manipulation of her hair and head to kiss her brought her back enough to start stroking Albert again. His growling moans filled her ears and helped her own arousal. Touching him while he touched her. It was an act she enjoyed.

The sting of Albert’s slap on her rump surprised her and she moaned out loud as her eyes closed. The slap had timed with Albert pressing down deeper and hard on Angie’s clit while stroking around as well. “That’s my good girl. Don’t you want to cum for Daddy.”

Angie was lost to the pleasure now, and a deeper and well-placed slap to her rump sent shivers into her vagina like she had never had before. Albert knew what he was doing. A slap to the outside of a cheek for a little spark of pain and a sap close to the middle of a cheek to send shivers into her vagina. Angie’s mewing moans between their kisses made Albert think keenly of turning Angie into a light pain slut. Conditioning her to orgasm every time she was spanked, especially when he took her from behind. The thought of her tightening around him each time he spanked her was an arousing one, before bringing her to an intense climax while stimulating her G-spot.

Albert’s thought made him grab the flesh of Angie’s rump with each slap. Slapping and then cruelly grabbing the flesh in his hand, digging in his fingertips, push her harder against his fingertips playing with her pussy. Albert’s three fingers now stroked her all over again. Each swiping stroke stimulating clit and right around. “Are you going to cum Daddy?” Angie asked why moaning, feeling her own climax nearing.

Albert didn’t want to cum from this. It wasn’t a matter of stamina, he had a highly active libido to begin with. It was a matter of how he came. He wanted to fill Angie, her mouth or pussy. In time maybe her anus once the right groundwork was laid.

“Do you want your Daddy to cum for you?” Albert’s words were on the verge of breathlessness. “Yes Daddy, cum with me when I cum for.” That was all the encouragement Albert needed as he felt and heard Angie begin to cum. Her screeching moan a helpless effect of the racking orgasm caused Albert to groan loudly at his own climax. The two climaxed together, loudly, and the beginning of a connection was made.

As the power of the climaxes faded slightly, Angie was lost at what to do. Albert wasn’t continuing to play with her as he had when she was laying down. Now he stroked at all of her tenderly and gently, not to arouse her but to let her know he was still there. Angie was surprised to find Albert still hard. The evidence of his climax gone between a mix of soap and running water. His cock was more pliant now but it maintained an undeniable hardness.

Albert’s kisses returned and he broke gently from the embrace removing his hand from her and removing her hand from him. “Good girl.” Albert sleepishly noted.

As eager as Angie was to be with Albert, she found herself stock still and shy all of a sudden. Now she wanted to see if Albert would still maintain his role as her Daddy. As much as she had enjoyed getting him off and getting off with him, she still wanted to have her selfishness indulged. But a part of her wondered what it would be like to have Albert indulge his selfishness with her. He didn’t come off selfish. Peculiar, perhaps, and uniquely poised in his beliefs and practices. But not selfish at all.

Albert turned off the water and toweled himself off. Leaving Angie to stand naked and wet, waiting on him. As Albert finished drying himself off and wrapping a towel around himself. He held out a hand to Angie, to help her leave the tub like any Daddy would for his little girl.

Angie stayed mute as Albert wrapped her hair in his hand and toweled it dry. Careful to be gentle but still taking off the excess water that could cause hair to tangle. Angie unwittingly grabbed a piece of the towel and dried her face. Albert kissed her forehead gently before toweling off the rest of her. One hand on each side removing the water on the skin of her body. He even turned her around to towel off her back.

The sweet act made Angie deeply smile and clasp her hands together as she scrunched her face and twisted slightly from side to side.

“Now that you are dry, I can punish you.” Angie’s heart sank. Not only as a woman, but as a Little as well. Hadn’t she just done good. Hadn’t she just been a good girl. Why was Albert now punishing her, and how would he punish her?



All person and characters depicted are over the age of eighteen and no party is depicted as biologically related.

Margaret was being woken gently by Johnathon. It was time to wake up. This was the first day of his princess’s living in their home. She had to learn to live as her Daddy intended. For her care, for happiness, for their love. 

Johnathon’s hand on her shoulder rubbed the teddy nightie in to her skin and Margaret smiled while waking up. Her and Daddy had talked so much about this day. The start of their life together. It would be hard sometimes, but it was for the both of them to find love, connection, and devotion in each other. The two had spent months planning this situation. They had gone on dates. Been vanilla, been naughty, been Daddy and princess. Both knew what the other wanted, what the other needed. Both were accepting, forgiving, and loving towards each other. It was a rare connection, a blessing, and both sought to make the most of it. To not lose it.

“Hmmm Daddy.” Margaret fussed and Johnathon smiled with a note of contentment on his face. “Princess, you know it’s time to wake up. We talked about this. It’s why we went to bed early last night. It’s time for you to start living with Daddy so he can help you grow big and strong.” Margaret fussed again and shook her head no.

“Young lady, if I have to pick you up and carry you in to the shower. I will not take off your nightie first and it’ll get ruined.” Johnathon’s tone was deep and verged on irate. It made Margaret open her eyes. “No Daddy, don’t do that.” Margaret loved her teddy nightie. It was the second piece of clothing Johnathon had ever bought for her. The cute hoodie pajamas were the next but they had been naughty the night before and Margaret had no energy left in her to change back in to them as she laid content and post climax sleepy in Johnathon’s arms.  

“Then get up little girl. Let’s shower, and we’ll have breakfast. I’ll make you eggs and I’ll cut up strawberries for you.” Margaret smiled at the sweet and light tone in Johnathon’s voice. She liked being spoiled. Especially when it came to food. She wanted to spoiled another way though before too much went on.

“Daddy…” Her cute but pained tone told Johnathon what he needed to know. “Yes princess?” The sweet one in his voice didn’t falter. He liked spoiling his princess, especially when she wanted it. “Daddy can we…be naughty?” John chuckled at his princess’s sweet request.

“We can be very naughty later princess. But for right now you’ll have to settle for Daddy playing with your princess parts.” Margaret wanted to pout. She hadn’t figured out their dynamic for brat play yet. Sometimes when she was a brat Johnathon would put her in time out and not be rough or naughty with her. Sometimes he was extra rough and naughty. She only liked one of those two scenarios.

“Ok Daddy. Thank you.” Margaret’s tone was sweet but tinged with sadness. Johnathon’s heart melted but he didn’t want to let his princess have too much control in their dynamic. A spoiled princess became a boring princess, and Johnathon had hopes to be very interested in his princess for a very long time.

Johnathon reached down between his princess’s legs and gently stroked the outside of her lips. Margaret sucked on her lips and let out a cute moan. It was natural, it was organic, but she liked looking into Johnathon’s eyes as she made it. She knew he liked to watch her moan, hear her moan, be captivated by her. From the most innocent things to the most wicked. It gave Margaret a thrill to know her Daddy loved her that much, enjoyed her that much.

“Get wet for me Princess.” A husky tone came over Johnathon’s voice. Margaret had little trouble getting wet for her Daddy. The first time they were ever on a date he had gotten her so incredibly wet she took a picture of it in the bathroom for him to see later as they were about to part. Just from kissing her, manhandling her a little roughly, she had gotten so incredibly wet. She had been naughty in the public bathroom that only one person could be in at a time. She came thinking of her Daddy as he waited outside unknowingly, but strongly suspecting due to their connection. She had been so happy he had realized it and asked about it later. He was a Good Daddy.

“Daddy?” Margaret looked at Johnathon with the mischievous look. The look he knew too well. Johnathon leaned over and kissed his princess sweetly knowing she craved “more tongue.” Playing at her lips with his he teased her waiting for her to be more aggressive, more demanding. Margaret was often paralyzed by such want, when she wanted to be sweet and little.

Johnathon finally relented and with his free hand gripped at her chin with his left hand, gently forcing her lower jaw down so his tongue could play at hers. So sweetly, so lightly their tongues played. At least till Daddy’s fingers lapped her wetness up to her clit and began to play.

Margaret spasmed with a sharp moan trying to escape her mouth. Johnathon gave her no quarter. His mouth on hers so as to suck the breath from he lungs. His lips intensely on her, focused solely on their kiss as if their kiss was the only thing in the world, in all of existence. That she was his only girl in the world.

Johnathon’s fingers only played faster now. He knew all her sweet spots, her trigger points. Even they moved he could still find them. Sometimes a girl’s pussy was like a safe combination that was always changing. Johnathon took pride in being a master safe cracker. It took patience, diligence, care. Not something every man had in him or wanted to give. But for his princess, he wanted to believe he would never run out.

It didn’t take long before Margaret’s arms wrapped around Johnathon’s neck. Her stomach tightening, her legs curling in to the mattress with her heels trying to dig in to the material itself. Her guttural and intense cry of pleasure came forth and Johnathon was again there to steal her breath, her sound. Beginning to teach her subconscious to eventually cum for him when he kissed her this way. She was his princess. She belonged to him. And he would own her ecstasy in a way no other man would ever stand to. He couldn’t accept anything less for his princess.

Gently Johnathon disengaged and a happy smile was on Margaret’s face. “Daddy?” Johnathon knew that tone. He had spoiled his princess well. “Yes princess?” Daddy’s tone was sweet but probing. Margaret knew what the answer would be but she also knew the question would make Daddy happy. “Again?”  

When Johnathon chuckled softly Margaret’s smile went wider. “No right now sweetie. Later. Later Daddy will be very good to you sweetie. Till he wants to be very bad.” Margaret squirmed and shivered at how the last few words were ended with a dark and hungry note in Johnathon’s voice. Daddy was sweet, he was loving, but he was also wicked, hungry, and insatiable. Margaret was a very lucky girl indeed.

“Alright princess. Time to get showered.” – To Be Continued.


 With my abstinence challenge coming to an end, I decided to write a summary of the experience and why I chose to start it. 

 I began the challenge on a whim. I was talking to a friend at work, and I told her, "I think I masturbate and watch porn too much." I used to watch porn and masturbate daily out of habit, even if I wasn't turned on. If I didn't masturbate, I felt I was missing something. So, each day, at least once a day, I would put on some porn, lay in bed and masturbate, and I realized that this was a bad habit. If I ever was invited to have sex, I would be dried out. I already have enough issues with orgasm (which is a separate topic), but to be dried out from masturbating so much just made things worse. So, I decided I wanted to stop that.

 I spoke to my friend and told her my situation, and she was saying something about how men are just horny and that women don't want sex as much. So, I asked her what the longest she'd gone without masturbation was. She said one week, on her own will, but the longest she'd ever gone was two and a half months because of a medical condition. So, I issued a challenge that I could go for longer than her without masturbating. Now, I do think that it's pretty unfair that I went without masturbating on my own will versus her going two and a half months because of a medical condition. So, I am patting myself on the back for that.

 The first few days weren't too bad. I had gone a few days without porn and masturbation before. Usually, it was because I was so busy and distracted that I didn't realize I had missed my habitual masturbation. I was fine; I lived, but day four, I started struggling. I was lying in bed, squirming, shaking, and I started sleeping on my stomach to keep myself from having an erection. I think I went through that experience at least for a few days. I would say the first couple weeks of abstinence were the absolute worst. I never thought, "I can't do this," but I was going crazy!

 After the first couple of weeks, things started to relax a bit. I wasn't losing my mind. I was able to control my urges, and I became a lot more confident. I believe this point was when I started seeing some of the benefits of avoiding masturbation and porn. My free time increased; I was more focused on the personality of potential partners. I felt a lot more in control of my desire for sex.

 I didn't start struggling with my urges again until I got around the two-month mark. That was when I broke my porn resistance. Porn was the hardest of all to avoid. I have developed a habit of watching porn as a way of bypassing the desire for a partner. I have been single for a long time (for various reasons), and I just watch porn to curve my sexual cravings. I'm alone; I have porn; I stroke. That's the underlying mentality.

 I used to watch porn in the background while doing other things - which was a significant distraction. I mean, how could I do my journal writing with porn on the side? But, that is what I would do, and I developed a bad habit of that. The two-month mark was when I realized that I was getting close to the end of my challenge; so, I started thinking, "Hey, it's not so bad. I can watch some porn. Nobody will know, right?" And, I broke; I watched porn, but I didn't masturbate. I decided there was no way I was going to masturbate and orgasm when I'd already gone so long without either. It would reset the clock, and I had worked so hard to get to that point that I refused to break my streak.

 So, there was only a small amount of temptation to masturbate in the last two weeks. But, once I got down to the final week, I knew I was okay. I was even invited to an MMF threesome. And, my friend said that sex didn't count against me - just masturbation. 

 It was the first time I'd ever gone so long without an orgasm and then had sex. That made me a bit nervous. I had no idea what would happen. I've always struggled to orgasm from sex, but I'd never abstained for two and a half months before sex. I thought, "What if I tell the woman how long I've been abstinent and still don't have an orgasm? Will that hurt her feelings?" And, I worried that if I did orgasm, I would be spoiling my renewed virginity. 

 I had mixed feelings about it, but I eventually decided that it didn't matter. Even if I didn't have sex, I would orgasm through masturbation. I wasn't about to wait who knows how long for a little to show up.

 I won't go into detail. The girlfriend was awkward and nervous; so, she kept asking if we men were okay, and she felt odd being the center of attention. She also thanked me repeatedly, and "high five" became my takeaway quote of the evening.

 I didn't do much talking, and the boyfriend became the lead director for the night (which had started with a naughty game of cards). The wildest part, for me, was after things moved to the bedroom. The girlfriend gave me pornstar level head, and the boyfriend eased over and joined her. Unexpected, but it turned into a great experience, even without me having an orgasm, which I will talk about more in a later post.

 With this being my final day of abstinence, I've noticed that my motivation and discipline have increased. Completing this challenge makes me feel like I can do other things. That's something I heard on a podcast. If you do small things that prove to yourself that you're disciplined, it will motivate you to do bigger things. 

 I've become more focused on my creative goals. I want to get more art, more writing, more music, and more programming done. So, I've begun cutting a lot of things out of my life. I'm not ruminating on my past anymore. I've been throwing out anything that brings me negative memories. I've been avoiding and cleaning out things that are just wasting my time. (This is also a Marie Kondo concept.) I don't play video games or watch films or shows like I used to. Maybe one day, I will mess with them again. Still, I've started focusing entirely on my goals and figuring out how to make my life revolve around those goals. I didn't expect all of that to come from abstinence.

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I honestly forgot how much of a struggle it is when you're looking for a significant other. Like so many things rush to my head. Am I not attractive enough? I know I'm not attractive, but surely I can't be that hideous? Did I write too much on my profile or should I keep it to a minimum, and let it seem like I'm not trying? Am I too boring? Do I possibly talk too much when I get to converse with someone? Does that make it seem like I'm trying too hard since when you message someone there's really no true emotion to give off, that isn't possibly creepy or desperate like? Whatever the reason may be I'm sure I'm not the only person to experience this. Anyways I'm just gonna keep on trucking by and hopefully someone sees me for my worth. I know im able to find someone eventually who will like me for me. One who will not stop responding and even learn to go back in forth in a conversation, cause sadly many littles on here need to learn some basic social skills (not trying to be rude) since I always see people giving their opinions on daddys so I'm sure I have the right speak up aswell. Anyways for those of you reading or for those who feel the same keep on hanging in their im sure we will all find our significant others.
Who’s not going to bed tonight? meeeeeeeeeeeeee im going to stay up allllll night
So, i may not be good at introductions, but this is my attempt at saying welcome and hey...I've decided to make a blog to just vent, rant on and honestly hoping if i may seem interesting to anyone. Anyways here's my first blog. 

It seems as if the little black cloud that follows me around seems to be sticking around. Last year i was doing pretty great... i had 2 jobs and was going to school. I only had sundays off, which was rough but the pay was good,so i managed. I had bought my first car all by myself, which surprisingly blew my mind but others more. That being due to buying the car by myself and due to it being a BMW 528i. I had grown to love the car and was happy i was getting my life together. However as much as one may seem they can sore higher, eventually you have to land. Either safely or crash and well mine was a crash. Sorts like Icarus who flew to high, and his wings melted. Anyways back to the point. In the end my life just took a terrible turn. One of my jobs which ive had since high school cut my hours due to working for another company more, so eventually i was let go. Being witg lme job that paid me more was still good, but then that company was moving location and it wasmt worth staying since my hours were being cut so in the end i was a student only and from their the bad luck was only starting. I tried to reconnect with a significant other i had a relationship with that went missing and i heard back after a while but she seemed uninterested in me so i was heartbroken. Next came my cat which went missing, which was my first cat i had taken in as a stray and he was a runt too. He was so friendly and he just disapeared. I couldnt believe my luck but it got worse. My brother crashed my car, luckily he and everyone was alright with the crash but i lost my car. Since then i dont know when i should be able to soar once more but hey if i crashed all the way down,theres only one way and thats up. At the moment im a full time student learning graphic design so i feel like this is a new path i have to take to maybe find or lead me to my real path. Ive learned alot throughout the bad luck of last year and my life so far in general. So i hope this year the seeds are planted for new growth...which i feel they might be,i own a run a website. Its barely starting up but its a start. I also have art i can have made into metal canvases or regular canvas by anktger website for artists so i guess only time will tell....

To those who took the time and read this thanks for your time and sorry for the rant ,but hey you cant say i didnt warn you. Youre a trooper.


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