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I've just had a mind-blowing revelation about what sets DD/lg apart from any other kink in the world. Compared to every other kink that exists, it's so amazingly open-ended. (I say DD/lg past this point for the sake of driving the point home, but I really mean CG/l)

Think about it. With Master/Slave, the dynamic is straightforward. The slave obeys the Master while the Master treats the slave like... a slave. Pet Play is similarly simple. Just dom/sub stuff, but with the addition of collars, leashes, bowls, tails, and cages. TPE dynamics or CNC are also self-explanatory: based on pre-discussed, a dom has absolute control and command over their sub with basically no exceptions, and that's it.

But DD/lg? It's all over the place. Think about it. Really think about it.

Some people get into the kink because of unresolved family issues. Some people get into the kink for the age play, and love the fantasy of regressing during sex. Some get off on treating DD/lg like it's actual incest. Some just like the idea of BDSM with a somewhat nurturing edge. Some people just want a relationship that's completely vanilla, but with a little more sensitivity and love than usual. And some don't engage with DD/lg sexually at all, preferring only to find a person to take care of, or someone to take care of them.

Some littles like stuffies, onesies, special kink clothes, and pacis, some others like lace, fancy lingerie, and more adults clothes,, and some others may not like any of that. Some littles are ABDLs. Some littles are toddlers. Some littles are middles, and some littles don't regress at all. Some littles are monogamous, some littles are polygamous, some littles are actively seeking to build entire families within the kink, and some littles don't want to be with anyone, and just hook up.

Some littles are slaves. Some littles are pets. Some littles are rope bunnies. Some littles are vanilla. Some littles are hypersexual and some littles are asexual. Some littles really get off on being sexual in little space, and some littles put little space and sex as far apart as possible. Some littles want a caregiver in their 60s, while some others are happy to have a caregiver younger than they are.

And almost all of the above goes for Caregivers too. Caregivers (and littles!) can be any shape, size, gender or age and looking for any shape, size, gender, or age. Caregivers can switch, caregivers can dom, and caregivers can care for their little even if they're unsure what role they want. Caregivers can be the strictest hardasses in the world, or the softest teddy bear who ever lived. Caregivers can be here to find the love of their lives, or just someone for the night. Some Caregivers want to fix what's broken, and others want to strengthen what's already fixed. Some Caregivers are strong and powerful, and looking to empower their little with some of their strength, and some Caregivers need help, support, and care themselves. Some Caregivers spoil their littles and express their love financially, while others choose words alone to express their affection. Some caregivers (and littles!) do this for fun, some live it as a full-time lifestyle, and some do it as a coping mechanism to traumas of their own.

I could go on! And despite all of that variance, it's all still DD/lg. It can be mild and vanilla, or so intensely kinky that even the most seasoned kinksters say "yikes", but it's still DD/lg. It can be two 18-year-old virgins calling each other "daddy" because it's the cool thing to do in 2019, or it can be a 70-year old and a 21-year old who know exactly what they want, and it's still DD/lg. 

DD/lg is a unique kink in that not only serve every type of relationship to some degree, but DD/lg has been on every part of the kinky spectrum, from the most vanilla possible to the most degenerate and wild possible. But it's all still DD/lg.

I just wanted to write all this down, because it's kinda amazing that this kink exists. But I'd also like to use this to voice my concern for a growing sense of elitism between different sects of the community. I've seen community members whose interests line up with the majority gang up against members looking for something less conventional. I've seen an active push against many valid aspects of DD/lg, just because the majority of the community find them reprehensible.

I'm not gonna be specific, and I definitely won't name names. Just remember these two key words: Consenting adults. 

If all parties involved are 18+ and all parties enthusiastically agree to whatever you see them talking about, don't talk them down just because you think the way they want to experience this kink is wrong. They're just as valid as you, and as long as it's consenting adults, absolutely every corner of this community needs to be accepted, celebrated, and brought out into the open for discussion without ridicule or shame. I want to encourage littles or caregivers who are a part of this "unconventional" side of the community to make yourselves known in the comments here, and see that you're not alone in your desires!

This website was created to be not just a social network for people who share a love for this wonderful world, but also a safe place for all its aspects to flourish. To say anyone on this site deserves any less undermines everything this community is at its best.

Unless you're one of those guys who sends your dick to everyone who adds you. Or a kid. Y'all can leave, like, yesterday.

Okay. Rant over. Hopefully this doesn't get swallowed up in the midnight feed and the Australians and Europeans pick it up in the comments while the Americans wait to wake up. Goodnight, everybody!

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So, there is a lot of confusion when people think of the BDSM lifestyle and communities. Most vanilla people just think it's just a sexual kink and these dynamics can only exist in the bedroom behind closed doors. Most vanilla people also wouldn't be caught dead being into some of the kinks that are within the BDSM lifestyle. One particular dynamic that really confuses the vanilla audience is the DD/lg relationships. Most think that it is incestual to call your significant other "Daddy" because you wouldn't actually have sexual relationships with your biological father! (I will not comment on the kink behind real incest. That's not for me) However, being a little/babygirl, for me, has nothing to do with the sexual aspects of the kink that some people are into. In fact, there are a lot of littles that actually prefer to be in a non-sexual dynamic. It's just really hard nowadays to find a "Daddy" that doesn't require that. For most littles, having a Daddy in a BDSM dynamic is a sense of security and comfort. It's the feeling of retorting back to an age that was much more innocent with less responsibility and the worry of everyday adult life choices and decision making. For me, anxiety takes a huge toll on my life when it comes to adult choices. I need the reassurance and the guidance from my Daddy sometimes when I go to my little space to find the comfort and strength I need so when I do return to the big bad adult world and handle the responsibilities that need to be handled, I can do it with a fresh outlook and my little space gives me the chance to really just let go and forget about the stresses I have to deal with on a regular basis. I live the lifestyle 24/7 with my Daddy and even though we have a sexual relationship, when I am in my little space, the sexual aspect of our relationship is off limits. He knows that when I am in that certain mindset, then I just need to be allowed to revert back to this age regression so that I can be stress free and keep my mind off the scary things in life that I struggle with. Especially me being a college student now, things have gotten a lot more challenging. It's a great challenge because I have the opportunity to further my career and actually build something with my life and my Daddy, but stressful, nonetheless. Anyways, thank you guys for letting me advise you with my input on this type of dynamic. I am starting out on here just to blog, but I don't mind making new friends and building relationships with other littles and Daddies. Do feel free to message me. My Daddy knows I am on here and we have an open relationship so I am allowed to do as much exploring as I can. Any constructive criticism is welcome as well when it comes to my blogs. I would love to know if this is something I could start writing about on a daily basis and maybe get a decent amount of follows on. I would also love to hear your opinions. Thanks for reading! 


I'm tired of all the hate. Love me for who I am!
Marco Aug 22

My boyfriend/daddy recently broke my heart and I haven’t been the same ever since. I told myself I wouldn’t go back to DDLG bc I thought I wouldn’t find someone like him again. However, I realized I need to be cared for and need the feeling of being protected and loved.
That being said, I’m in search of a caring daddy that is SFW and no kink. I took DDLG as a caring aspect when I first came across it and don’t like kink mixed into it.

Please message me if you are interested, also remember becoming my daddy gives you a lot of responsibility and I will put you on a pedestal with love and respect.

I close my eyes , take a deep breath, and then play. 

 Don’t let no one know I plead as I pray. 

Am I a fraud for being little and not knowing what all I like to do ? 

 I just want to feel proctected and not have to think of all I have to do . 

I am not gross for liking little things . 

My inner child , self soothing it brings 

I need my training wheels back on is how you can think of it . 

I can be grown and go with out them but being an adult is more frustrating then any little fit . 

Sexual things can be scary but are not gunna make you go to Hell .

Little space instead is where the scared angel fell . 

TearyEyedPrincess Aug 15 · Comments: 3 · Tags: cgl, little, littlespace, poem, badword, selfcare

So I have an insta account and I put it on private cause I was scared people I’d know would find my account !!! Like people I know would be in my recommended and a ad for a daycare that I used to work at popped up .  I wish there was a way for me not to worry . I just want to be cutesy and share my newness to this and also be apart of a community where I don’t feel so weird .  

We can play it out on Snapchat right now 

Babiegurlsodope. Send a video saying wow Cody has such a hot girlfriend 

I'm gonna start with the begining 

So 4 weeks ago my mom who is in her almost 50 had a mild stroke. She couldn't talk for about a week and also she couldn't walk. She recovered pretty quickly but seeing her like that was so scary and just aweful. 

So we took her and our two family cats in for two weeks and once my mom was better she went back to her boyfriends place.

We kept the cats because she couldn't take care of them at the time due to not having much money.

Then one of my great aunts passed away.. she was almost 90 and I wasn't super close to her but I was close enough to be upset..

Then my mom's youngest sister who's almost 40 got news she has a rare disses and it is possible she won't make it to see most of her 40s though I hope she does I hope she gets to see all her kids grow up because they all are so great (: 

My one great uncle who is about 80 had two strokes after my great aunts funeral and he is doing okay but it will be a long journey for him to get better

(That all was with in a 3 week time span)

Then in April last week we lost my mom's one cat because he had cancer and that was just super upsetting for me because I spent a lot of time taking care of him.

Then yesterday some lady blew a red light and hit the car that my mom, her boyfriend, and his two sons were in. They spun around and the car flipped. While everyone is doing alright.. my mom is in a lot of pain because it hit her side and the drs are doing testing today to see if she had a mini stroke and just to make sure everything is o alright.

I just wanted to get all this out cus while I'm trying to be strong I just feel so drained and tired and numb and I just feel like I am in a really bad dream that won't stop.. 

I am trying hard to keep being strong but.. it isn't easy all the time... 

I know we all go through tough times and some people may have worse things happen to them then this but I hope if so you stay strong and if you feel like I do feel free to message me!? I'd be happy to listen to you and chat.

Also make sure you hug all your loved ones because you can think this won't happen to you but it could

So spend as much time as you can with whoever you have in your life and love them as much and for as long as you can!! 

Lilprincessofhorror Aug 12 · Comments: 2

I am a bit disappointed to see so much hate and bigotry being thrown around on this site.

I doubt very much than anyone who is here is what you could call mainstream.

To me what DD/LG is, is this:

Its whatever you want it to be with a consenting partner.

Its a broad spectrum.

Some here are into nappies and sippy cups others just enjoy stuffies and cuddling and such like.

To my mind, whatever it is that you are into is valid and what should be being promoted here is acceptance and tolerance of other peoples interests.

This should be a celebration of social progress that any of us feel safe enough to express interest in any of the things that go on here.

Throughout most of human history there has been no space for such things to exist, or certainly not in the open.

What i see though seems more like a hardcore group for want of a better term who have fixed ideas of what DDLG has to be for everyone and any deviation is met with aggression.

Frankly I think that is disgusting.

So yeah, could we all please try to be a little more open minded and accepting of other people?

Not everyone here is going to be compatible with everyone else and thats ok, what isnt ok is attacking others who happen to be different to you.

I really feel like i shouldnt need to say something like this in a place like this where to a lot of people outside of this community, everyone here is some sort of messed up deviant.

Its bad enough that the outside world is bigoted, it shouldnt be like that here.

Consent is the watch word.

Anything and everything is ok between consenting adults and it is not your place to judge or make choices for what is acceptable for someone else.

Hopefully there wont now be an ironic torrent of hate in this thread in responce.

If you do find yourself gearing up to make a post like that perhaps you could pause just for a minute and try to soak up the message I am trying to get across here first.


SweetnRough Aug 10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 12
alguien quiere ser mii daddy soy mexicana <3
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