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Me and my Daddy, have made a kik group for anybody in this community to join. I'd encourage you to join if you're looking for other littles to talk to. It wont be a place to find DD'S or MD'S or any type of Dom. It'll be a safe place for everyone to talk. If you are in any sort of DDLG relationship, you can indeed join the chat. 

Please do not join just to flirt with people or look for a relationship that is any more then a friendship. 

 !! It's a safe chat meaning there will be no tolerance for the following:

- Racism

- LGBTQ+ hate speech

- Any sort of bullying

- Advertising anything sexual such as porn sites or illegal sites

- No nudity (pics or vids)

If there is something the moderators don't like, you'll be warned and if it happens again, you'll be kicked. 

Do not disrespect the rules, its a safe place for this community to come together!!

Kik Group Name :  #dd.lg_play.space

Feel free to join and share 

sirrena_ Feb 23 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #ddlg #daddydomlittlegirl #mdlg #ddlggroupchat
I try to smile off that nasty comment about me being to old to be a little ...although I can feel my eyes stinging from the tears that are threatening to betray me and just spill from my eyes... that’s so hurtful just like grow up ,or act your age is hurtful . What the hell does that mean anyway ??!! How old do you have to be ?to feel what you feel ??  —sad little of Miami Fl 
Solovable Feb 23 · Rate: 5
Hai to all! I'm a new little here and just looking for new friends and also hoping to find a *platonic* cg (daddy) as well. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better.
Please go follow my Ddlg/abdl Instagram


animal crossing has taken over my life. thats it. thats the post. 
smallandrad Feb 10 · Rate: 5 · Tags: animal crossing
My moms flight got cancelled. So I’m all alone in the house again. I came home this weekend from college to spend time with her, she was supposed to be home by now but now she might not get to come home at all today. I hate having the house by myself it’s lonely and scary and I have nobody.. I miss my mom 
akfire Feb 8 · Comments: 2
Hi I'm new to the ddlg sceen and I'm settling in to my new life amazingly but I don't have a daddy, I have a boyfriend but he doesn't understand I was wondering if anyone could help and talk about things with me thanks xxxx
Bunnytwinkle5782 Feb 7 · Comments: 1 · Tags: new
I hasn't been on this site for a few days bc I had gotten sent to the hostible I made a bad choice and decided to overdose bc I had too much on my mind and my bad thoughts got the best of me. I am sorry if I hasn't been able to respond to anyone and I am currently not looking for a daddy anymores it is too muches to handle with my mental health and all I hope people will still message me bc I needs supports but it's okeys if you don't.
tiny_note Feb 6 · Comments: 1
Hey people. I'm new here. Juts a very devoted Christian who thinks ddlg is really cuuuuute. Uhm I've been a dom a lot in the past, have some experience with that. Nvr irl tho. Me and my gf broke up today so kinda bumed out rn. So if anyone wants to hmu to talk or whatever please do so! Could use it honestly. 

I have been a little for a couple years now and I have found that actually finding a cg is really hard.

Between the people that say they are cg but only really care about little you when it comes to the times in the bedroom, to the people that swear they are cg but never want to deal with little you. 

I think that we all as a community, should stop allowing this behaviour. Really, the amount of times I have been left feeling used and dirty, the amount of times people that have sworn they'd be my cg and that they would care for little me even if its not in a sexual manner and have ended up letting me down are uncountable. 

Littles are not toys, littles are not just a kink, littles are people that need caring.

mink0409 Feb 1 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: littles, cg, sex
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