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Hi!! If you are interested in a plus sized, biracial little please read my bio and message me here or on discord.

DISCORD: Persephone_QueenUnderWorld

Persephone0427 5 hours ago
My boyfriend/daddy recently broke my heart and I haven’t been the same ever since. I told myself I wouldn’t go back to DDLG bc I thought I wouldn’t find someone like him again. However, I realized I need to be cared for and need the feeling of being protected and loved.<br />
<br />
That being said, I’m in search of a caring daddy that is SFW and no kink. I took DDLG as a caring aspect when I first came across it and don’t like kink mixed into it. <br />
<br />
Please message me if you are interested, also remember becoming my daddy gives you a lot of responsibility and I will put you on a pedestal with love and respect. <br />
18+ KINK groupchat! I have a new groupchat on kik! A meme sharing nsfw/sfw for anyone 18+! This group is to meet new people not for partner looking and to make friends with people in the same community! Anyone can join look up #dd.lgcloudss on kik! (we could use more females)
So I'm poly and Pansexual and lately I've been thinking I might like a girlfriend. I havent exactly had a real relationship outside my main. I think that's mostly because I'm not really interested in sex. I talk to a guy outside my main and he is cool but doesn't exactly seem interested an anything other than FWB and after kinda ignores me? My main and I have taken a girl on a date together and even had bedroom time with her. But she's also not that interested which is fine I find myself not that attracted to her but she's a lovely friend. Anyways moving on I think it's kinda hard for me to find someone because I'm not that into sex. I like holding hands and kissies and cuddles but that's sort of it most of the time. Which is always a no go with the guys and most girls I've come across are super picky about the girls they date. I just want a cute girl to cuddle up and go on dates with. Is that too much to ask for?

Hello everyone! 

I'm a little looking for a mommy around my age! I've been really lonely and sad... I can't find a good mommy anywhere, so I came here. My mommy has to be kind, understanding, and loyal. That's all I'm looking for. Thanks for reading! 

PastlePrincess Jun 12 · Tags: #mommy
hey guys! i'm new here. I've been a little for maybe a year? or should i say i found out that's what i am a year ago. i would love to make some friends here. i'm currently writing a ddlg style book and i would love some input on it. if anyone has ideas please share! you can message me here or kik sdavis0320

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Pygmachy Jun 5 · Tags: game, football, fifa 20
I moved to Texas a year and a half ago to live with my Daddy. I came here from Vegas where i had a few good friends. In the months that i've been here i have yet to make a friend. I'm really shy. But I'm also fairly social too. It's a weird mix of needing to be around other people but not speaking to anyone.

That being said I have zero friends here. It's been worrying my Daddy a lot. It sucks because it's not something He can fix and it's also something i can't fix. He can't make friends for me and i cant expect people to build a friendship with me if i just sit there awkwardly. It's a two way street. 

The internet is middle ground for me. I can socialize without feeling anxious and Daddy can make sure i'm safe. On the flip side of that social interaction online isn't as fulfilling as it would be in person. After a while you and the friend run out of things to talk about or just stop texting all together, and that always hurts. Because you just kind of sit there like... "What now?"   

piggychu Jun 3 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #piggychu blogs
How is everyone today let me know maybe chat with me I think it could be really fun.
I'll attempt to be on more frequently at least once a day and I'll make a blog post as well
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