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Inline Closure Connection Process And Method

Cable splice boxes, also known as fiber splice boxes and barrels, are suitable for direct and branch connections of overhead cables, pipes and direct burial methods for various structural cables. The Inline Closure cabinet is made of imported reinforced plastic for high strength and corrosion resistance. The terminal is suitable for the connection of the structural cable terminal chamber, the structure is mature, the sealing is reliable, and the construction is convenient.

With the increasing popularity of fiber optic cable networks, fiber optic splice closures that provide reliable connectors for fiber optic cables are becoming more familiar and familiar. There are a variety of fiber optic splice closures on the market. The new name for the fiber splice box is the fiber splice box, which is a passive device that provides a reliable guarantee for the continuity of the cable.

In the use case, it is divided into overhead, pipeline and direct burial; the internal connection mode is divided into direct connection and separate connection. The former is used to connect two optical cables having the same number of cores, and the latter is used to separate a large number of optical cables from one or more optical cables to connect or interconnect the plurality of optical cables to each other. The backbone network is usually dominated by the pass-through mode.

The access layer is mainly divided. The connections between the fibers are divided into mechanical connections and heat-shrink connections. The former mechanically disconnects and transmits the fiber to be connected using a mechanical connector. The concentricity of the connectors aligns the core wires, which use a fusion splicer to thermally fuse the fibers that need to be attached and secured and protected by the heat shrink tubing. Since the latter produces little additional attenuation and has little impact on the overall network, most current use of shrink-to-close connections increases the concentricity of the network.

GreenTel offers inline closures in a variety of shapes. All the closures we offer have good sealing properties. Whether the closure is in the air, in the pipeline or buried underground, high-quality plastic materials ensure durability.

The information about Inline Closure : https://www.greentelftth.com/basic-information-about-fiber-patch-panel.html

greentelftthgane 11 hours ago

Allow me the strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.

Allow me the spirit to know His needs.

Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts.

Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace.

Allow me the love to show Him myself.

Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him.

Allow me the light to show us the way.

Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him.

Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him.

Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him.

Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side, or kneel at his feet.

Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman.

Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself.

Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely.

Give me the strength to please us both.

Permit me to love myself, in loving Him.

Allow me the peace of serving Him.

For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make his life complete, as he makes mine. 

i is lookin for a daddy if its not to much to ask
lilacr Feb 14 · Comments: 1
I just want a daddy to cuddle up wif and play with stufffies and feel safe and loved...

there is a certain kind of sadness 

that just doesn't leave 

there is a certain kind of lonely

 that one has to be

otherwise, you don't understand 

why i want an arm around my shoulder 

instead of holding your hand

why sometimes i feel like life is so much colder

when you have the wrong kinds of friends 

asking for help is never easy 

that's why its something i never do

but it surely would please me 

if i didn't t have to

just once i want a friendly offer

just once someone should hear my silent cry for help

but no one wants to be a bit bolder 

and help the one that usually doesn't need any help

So what if I'm not usually weak 

if I'm strong and actually know how to solve my problems

is that the way one has to be 

helpless and hopeless

Sadly that's not me 

I'm no damsel in distress 

there are just times Id like to have 

a king helping me in times of stress 

I guess it's just not meant to be

so ill never hope again 

for a helpful friend 

I'll just do it on my own 

that's the only way I've ever known 


City folk are so weird. The college sponsor people came into our house and looked around like they had never seen a house before in their lives. Oohing and ahhing at everything, even the staircase. They dressed in these suits on,  had a cell phone in their hands while they inspected our place of living. When dinner was finally ready, we all sat down at the round table, of course, I and ma were the ones to serve everyone whatever they wanted, then we got to sit down and eat. My stomach growling, I begin to shovel food into my mouth.

"Cambria, your manners." My ma minds me.

I sigh and eat like a normal person instead of some savage. My ma smiles satisfied with the way I am eating and turns to the first college sponsor; a female that has brown eyes, and a pixie haircut. It doesn't look too great on her, but I guess it's what the city folk are doing now.

"So, what can you tell me about your fancy college?" My ma asks the female.

The female wipes her mouth of the gravy and answers, "Well, we have a lot of sports programs and just normal programs. However, if you want to keep doing sports the students have to maintain a grade point average of a C or higher, anything lower they get kicked off the team until they can make up that average."

My brothers maintaining a C or higher was not something they did very well. In high school, all they did was slack off and ma came to their rescue. Writing their papers and doing their math homework, even doing their projects for them. She'd take the projects up to the school and promptly tell them they forgot it at home and not to do it again. I figured the office people at the school or even the teachers found it a little odd that they always left their projects at home when it was due. But, I guess some people are stupider than I thought.

"That sounds promising, doesn't it boys?" My ma turns to my older brothers.

They look up from their plate and nod. They aren't making much conversation with these college people, that is one reason why I suspected this to be a fluke. But, my ma seemed to be very interested in what the college people had to say, I supposed it is because she never got the chance to go to college, due to her having my brother at such an early age.

"Jerry Lee, isn't that wonderful?" My ma tries to make my brother engage in conversation.

Jerry Lee is 18 years old, brown eyes, brown hair, and a slender build. He doesn't really pay much attention to anything if it has nothing to do with hunting or mudding. I guess that is what the country life does to some people. They just want to stay out here all the time and not have to worry about other neighbors or having to do much of anything.

Jerry Lee looks up. "Huh? Oh yeah, ma. That sounds really nice to do." He mumbles.

I shake my head and look at the college people. They don't look too happy with Jerry Lee's response. My ma then turns to Reuben, my other brother.

 Reuben is also 18 years old, brown eyes, black hair, and has a chubby build.

  I am 17 years old with thick, black curly hair that stays in a messy afro, hazel eyes, a thick build, and caramel complexion.    

"Reuben, aren't you going to ask anything?" My ma speaks.

"No, ma," Reuben says looking everywhere else but at ma.

My ma sighs a little disappointed in her sons.

"What programs do you offer?" I ask.

My ma shoots me a look of disgust as I asked the question. I stare at her and shrink down in my chair. I wanted to know since they are here and my brothers are paying any attention. These college people are supposed to be here for them and they aren't even engaging in any questions. I didn't want these people to feel like they wasted their time coming here.

"Oh," The male college sponsor says next," we offer a lot of programs." He pulls out a pamphlet and hands it to me.

I take it and my ma tries to snatch it from me, but I am quicker and keep it away from her. I look through the pamphlet and the words, the University of Laguna Bay jump out at me almost immediately. I remember looking at this University's website at school and wanting to go there. I find it coincidental that they show up here. I lift to the programs page and look at all the programs they have to offer including a swim team and Self Defense, Weaponry programs. My heart races with excitement.

"You guys have a swim team and everything," I exclaim.

"Yes, we do. We offer a lot of sports and other programs along with it. We even offer room and board along with a few other perks." the male says to Cambria.

"Room and board?" Cambria asks.

"Alright, Cambria. That is enough. They are here for your brothers, remember?" My ma reminds me.

I sigh and hand them the pamphlet back. They decline to take it. "No, no." The female says. "You keep that. I am sure you will make a very great student there." They stand up and thank my mom for the delicious dinner. I walk them outside.


                                             ...THE MOAR U NOS!!! ^__^


Living in the dead country and growing up dirt poor, is not something I would wish on my worst enemy; even if I had one. There is nothing out here but trees, a lake, and more trees. No houses or stores for miles, unless you count the people who sell things out of their houses. Things like honey, hand-me-down clothes, chicken, medicine, and other things we can get from the store. I don't really trust the medicine these people sell out here because last time they gave me something for the common cold and got sicker than I was.

Since then, I just wait it out and hope that I don't die out here. Other than the huge space between houses and the empty roads due to no one really driving down here for any reason, I really enjoy the country life. Horse riding, fishing on weekends, the wide open space, and my personal favorite, all the trees I can climb.

However, being a girl in the country sometimes isn't fair. While the boys go hunting and dirt bike riding, the girls stay in the kitchen and help with dinner and dishes and cleaning. It's like being thrown back into the 1950s where the women slave over a hot stove just to have the man come home and get told that the women's cooking is subpar. That is not what I want, I want to run with the boys and get dirty, but my advances to tell my mother that falls on deaf ears.

"Cambria! Come on outta yo room and help me with these dishes!" My mother yells from downstairs.

I sigh and get up from my bed after closing my journal and slipping it between my mattresses, "Comin' ma."

We live in a two-story wood made house, almost everything within the house is made of wood, right down to the stairs. I was told that my great, great, great whatever grandfather built this house with his bare hands and a shovel. A shovel? Yeah, that is what I thought when my father told I and my stupid ass brothers the story when we were younger.

I make it down the stairs to find no one there but my ma. She stays in the kitchen, it seems like always doing something. Cooking, baking, cleaning; she is the real example of a 1950's housewife. She doesn't go to work or do any volunteer work around the country, she just stays home and caters to my pa. It irritates me to the fullest to see her not really doing anything with her life but depending on my pa for any and everything she needs and wants. But, I am not allowed to voice my opinion around here, because it wouldn't and doesn't matter what I think. As long as I do what I am told, when I am told to do it, I won't get in trouble. My brothers....they are a different story.

When I get in the kitchen, the nagging of my ma begins. "Cambria, we have people coming over for your brothers and your pa wants a good buffet of a dinner."

I look at my ma with my amber colored eyes. What kind of company could my stupid older brothers be having? I do not ask this, I just grab an apron, put it on and attend the kitchen with my ma. Everything about this is second nature, cooking, baking, and cleaning up afterward. Sometimes I wish I had a sister to talk about this stuff with, but I do not have one of those. I only have my best friend who lives a hundred miles east from me, I visit her every day or I try. If I can't make it, she comes to stay with me sometimes.

I look up at my ma as she moves with no effort at all along the kitchen, gliding smoothly across the floor and getting things done in no time at all. While I am still stuck on cutting up carrots and cleaning the green beans.

"Cambria, please." My ma begs me.

I go back to cutting the carrots and cleaning the green beans. Right now, there is nothing I want more than to question who are these people that are supposed to be coming to visit my brothers. We hardly get visitors as is, but for someone to visit them at all is like getting channel 3 out here. It doesn't happen most times.

"Ma, who are these people coming for my brothers?" I ask keeping my eyes on the carrots and green beans that I have now put in a pot full of boiling water and butter.

She turns to me from the oven, after checking on the biscuits with her hands on her hips. "You ask too many questions for your own good Cambria. I swear that's all you do is ask questions about something that does not concern you at all. But, if you just have to know this one. They are college folk from upstate wanting to enroll your brothers for their baseball skills. Yo pa and I want your brothers to make a good impression on these folk. So, don't go asking them a bunch of questions." She turns back to the oven.

College sponsors? My brothers do not play sports, or so I thought they didn't. The only thing I have seen them do is hunt and go mudding through the woods. I have never seen them pick up a baseball, let alone a bat to play with. I am now wondering what kind of tomfoolery is this bull. 

Cambria has always followed her own sets of rules, unlike her mother who believes catering to her husband is what will make him stay. Having dinner on the table at the same time every night, dishes are done, house clean, children attended to, and being a stay at home mom. Also, believing that girls don't go to college. These things are not what Cambria wants for her life. She wants to go to college to be somebody and not depend on a man. However, her plans are put to a halt when her mother decides to marry Cambria off to Fiacre Ellison.
HoneyPot_Lickit Feb 1 · Comments: 1
17 year old, Nubia Kaikara Lockenight has been plagued by bullies about her dark skin since elementary school. When the harassment finally takes a turn for the worse, her parents have no choice but to put her in rehab. After completing her six-month stint, Nubia feels better than ever and could care less who says what about her skin color. However, she faces a bigger problem once she gets back into the swing of things at home and her past demons come back to haunt her. Can she push pass them and become the successful young lady her parents want her to be? More importantly, can she become the person her sisters need? Or will she let the demons corrupt her into the life she once lived?
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