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I am a little, age range 2-4 and I am in a relationship with a 24 yr old man whom I love very much.

however, my boyfriend does not like the concept of DDLG and has referred to it as wrong and even tho he won't admit it, I have heard him say that a grown woman sucking on a pacifier is disgusting. I have not been able to slip into littlespace since I started dating him which has been a yr and a month so far.

 When we started dating I gave away all of my Little things, my bottles, my first pacis and my custom adult paci, my teethers and onsies.. I only have things that are subtly little like a adult onsie from walmart and cute dresses and stuff but anytime I try to get in little space I get discouraged by it bc of my boyfriend even tho every time I have tried to I have been away from him like while he was with friends or at work when I am home alone.

 We had a talk about it a little bit today, he says that I can "do my little thing" but he says it would make him less sexually attracted to me and ruin our sexual relationship even more than  it already is bc even though I am a nonsexual little he said he cannot look at me sexually at all after he has sees me in full little space with my baby voice and all.

"I'll just see you sucking on a paci in my head during sexual interactions and it'll kill the mood for me" He stated.

I don't know what to do about this, in the past year I have been more depressed bc I don't have littlespace as an outlet to cope. I have Frantic Depression which basically means that I can get depressed at any moment for no exact reason.. any little thing can trigger my depression from dropping a cup to being embarrassed and the depression normally stays with me for a while sometimes hours or days even happened for 2 weeks straight once. I am unmedicated at the moment due to the fact that I cannot afford medical insurance but When I slip into little space on a regular it really helps me feel better medicated or not, and helps me get into my safe place but since I don't have that safe space anymore I feel helpless when I get depressed and my depression gets progressively worse each time...

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!  I don't want to leave my boyfriend because I love him and this is our only really serious problem in our relationship... If anyone sees this please give any advice you have...

~ Sara Monster


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When orphaned 18-year-old Amara Hallfield's foster parents go on a cruise, she is left to look after her five foster siblings. With all these new responsibilities, she is forced to become a parental figure for a month, but there is one man who notices that Amara needs to be little. Her foster parent's son Kade could be precisely what she needs.

Warning: Mature themes such as forced infantilism, sex, DDlg, kink! 

Amara Hallfield is an 18-year-old orphan, thankfully when
she was 12 years old, she found a caring foster family in Mr. and Mrs.
Hallfield and hasn’t left. She eventually took a parental role towards her
younger foster siblings, Paulie, who was 16, 13-year-old Emerald, 8-year-old
Ewan, 8-year-old Daniel, and 2-year-old Kris. It was more evident now that Mr.
and Mrs. Hallfield had taken a romantic cruise, which meant more
responsibilities for Amara, with the support from her foster parent’s only son,
Kade, who lives next door. The kids call him Uncle Kade since he was also a
parental guide in their life. He would check up on them and his parents every
day, usually staying for dinner.

A week before Mr. and Mrs. Hallfield comes home from their
cruise, and Amara is trying to cook dinner while keeping the kids under

“Ewan! Pick up your toys!” Amara yelled as she picked up a
power ranger.

“That’s Daniel’s!” Ewan yelled back.

“Daniel!” Amara shouted while stirring the sauce.

She heard no reply, which made her slightly anxious. Had
Daniel fallen?

“Daniel!” Amara called again.

Amara waited for a moment, but there was still no reply.
Amara sighed and turned down the heat on the gas cooker. Amara came out of the
kitchen and entered the living room; she folded her arms and was about to ask
where Daniel was when she saw him in the front yard. He was playing with Uncle
Kade. Amara stared a little and thought how cute it was to see them playing together;
she remembered when Mr. and Mrs. Hallfield first brought her here. Uncle Kade
was so friendly and had always been good with kids.

Satisfied that Daniel was alive, Amara went back to the
kitchen to finished off dinner. She was making her famous macaroni cheese as
she knew Paulie had a bad day at school and wanted to cheer her up. Amara set
the table for her family, severed the food, and called everyone to dinner.

It was the quietest the kids had been all day, Amara watched
them feeling triumphant as they scoffed their dinner down.

“Delicious as usual,” Kade smiled.

“Yeah! Thanks, Amie!” Daniel said with his mouth full.

“I give this 4/5,” Ewan grinned, “more?”

“4/5?” Amara asked, “what’s missing?”

“Mom and dad!” Ewan replied.

“I miss them, too,” Amara smiled.

“Paulie, you’re quiet,” Emerald flicked her hair.

Attention turned to the 16-year-old who was poking her food
rather than eating it. She shook her head and shovelled a mouthful of macaroni
in her mouth. Amara took note to speak to her later.

“I go to play!” Daniel announced as he ran away from the

“Wait, Da- “Amara started, but it was too late, Daniel had
already runoff.

“Yeah, I’m gonna talk to my friends,” Emerald stood up.

“I have homework,” Paulie made her excuse.

Amara watched her siblings walk away, feeling a little sad.
She turned back to see Ewan bouncing in his seat, eagerly wanting to join

“Go play,” Amara rolled her eyes.

“Thanks!” Ewan grinned.

Baby Kris and Uncle Kade were the only ones left at the
table, next to Amara.

“At least you can’t run away from me,” Amara booped Kris’

“I’m still here,” Uncle Kade smiled.

“Thank you,” Amara giggled as she stood up to tidy up.

Kade stopped Amara’s hand, “I’ll get that.”

“Are you sure?” Amara asked.

“Yeah! Take Kris and relax,” Kade replied.

“Thank you, Uncle Kade,” Amara grinned.

Kris giggled as Amara picked him up, she took him to the
living room and turned on some cartoons for him. They watched it together.
Amara was more immersed in the show than she’d cared to admit. After Kade
finished washing up, he joined them.

A few hours later, it was time to put the younger ones to
bed, which Amara successfully did, with help from Kade, and a couple of hours
after it was time to say goodnight to the girls. Amara entered their room and
told them it was bedtime. Emerald was sat on her bed on her phone while Paulie
brooded on her bed, writing in a diary.

“Do you want to talk, Paulie?” Amara asked.

“Not really,” Paulie mumbled.

“It’s a boy!” Emerald giggled excitedly.

“A boy?” Amara smiled.

“He rejected me, ok? Now leave me alone!” Paulie got under
her covers and hid her head.

“Well, that’s his loss, trust me, you can do a lot better
than someone that rejects you,” Amara tried to cheer Paulie up.

“He likes someone else, it hurts,” Paulie said, muffled by
her covers.

“Then wish him luck and find someone else, there’s plenty of
boys at school,” Amara said.

“You don’t get it! The girl he likes is you!” Paulie sat up.

“Who likes me?” Amara frowned.

“Jase! I like Jase,” Paulie mumbled.

“Ewww, Jase doesn’t like me, we’ve been friends too long,
and besides, you can do way better than him,” Amara said.

“You have to say that, you’re my sister,” Paulie folded her

“Even if I weren’t, it would still be true. If you need to
talk, I’m here for you. Goodnight, girls,” Amara said.

“Night,” the girls replied.

Amara closed their door and headed back downstairs, feeling
exhausted. She found Uncle Kade sitting on the couch watching a film on the
television. She flopped beside him and tucked her feet beside her.

“Paulie ok?” Kade asked.

“Yeah, just boy troubles,” Amara replied.

“How come you never came to me with boy troubles?” Kade

“I’ve never had boy troubles, Uncle Kade,” Amara said.

“Of course not,” Kade smirked.

They sat in silence as they watched the film together. It
was nice for adult time, to relax and not worry about anything, but Amara had
to do everything again tomorrow. It had become a routine for her. Amara’s eyes
begun to close, but she shot them back open, as she tried to finish the film
with Kade. She felt an arm wrap around her shoulder and bring her into a firm
muscular chest. They cuddled like that for a few minutes before Kade started
stroked her shoulders and massaging them.

“Oh, god, my body hurts,” Amara moaned.

“That’s because you’re tense,” Kade said.

“Feels so good,” Amara gave into his touch.

“You’re too mature for your age, you shouldn’t be taking all
this on,” Kade said.

Amara felt Kade dig deeper and harder, making her moan, the
more she moaned, the harder he went. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and made
her face him.

“Keep making those noises, and bad things will happen,” Kade
bit his lip.

“Don’t tease me, Uncle,” Amara said.

He looked into her sleepy eyes, thinking of all the things
he wanted to do with her, then kissed her forehead. The flirting was a
relatively new development. Before this, they fought like brother and sister
and still do sometimes.

“You’d know if I were teasing you, and instead of Uncle,
you’d be screaming daddy,” Kade chuckled.

“Pervert,” Amara mumbled.

“Mmhmm,” he held her close.

He made her straddle him, making her feel a slight bulge in
his pants, she gasped as it traced against her pajama bottoms.

“Did that feel good?” He asked.

“Shut up,” Amara mumbled.

He wrapped both arms around her waist and stood up; she
rested her arms around his neck.

“Don’t get too excited, I’m only taking you to bed,” Kade

Amara giggled, then he carried her to his bedroom. He
switched the light on and lay her down gently on her bed, he pulled the covers
over and stroked her cheek.

“Who’s going to tuck you in?” Amara asked teasingly.

“This is enough for me,” Kade smiled.

“Oh, I forgot to check the backdoor,” Amara sat up.

Kade pushed her back down and shook his head, “I’ll do it.”

Amara lay back down and tried to relax, the massage he gave
her helped. He bent down and kissed her forehead, “goodnight Princess.”

“Goodnight, Kade,” Amara smiled.

Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough. It's even harder being a little and being in a long distance relationship. Littles typically need a lot of affection and attention. I, personally, need A LOT of attention and affection. Me in little space, I'm so clingy. I'm almost annoyingly clingy. I didn't realize how hard it would be to be in a long DDLG relationship. 

I don't know if anyone else is in this situation, but we're slowly finding ways to help me go into little space, punishments, rules, etc. One thing he does is talk to me like he does when I'm little, especially if I've had a rough a day. He'll tell me to use bubble bath, play with my play-doh, color, and sometimes he'll tell me to watch a certain cartoon. Sometimes I don't realize he's doing to help me be little because I'm having that rough of a day. But I'm always thankful that he does. 

When it comes to rules, I have a few. The biggest one is stay off of social media. There have plenty of times I was in little space and being on social media has ruined it. My other rules are no talking negatively, if Daddy says no it's final, talk when I'm upset, take my vitamins, remember to eat at least once a day (I often forget to eat), no pouting, rest often. My punishments are countdown, no stickers, no cuddles for 20 minutes and depending on how severe, sexual punishments. Some of these are obviously for when we are together. 

It's hard to be in a long distance relationship, but when we're together that just makes it even more special. I always get so excited when I get to see him. He's  my best friend, my boyfriend, my Daddy and the love of my life. 

Would y'all read these posts if I posted every few days? I'm just doing them to help with my mental health, but if anyone has anything specific they'd want me to write about or have questions you can just message me. 

Thank you for reading <3

Well you joined the community and you like whats going on here. Rules, punishments, submission, dominance.. pretty cool right?
You gave every submissive you found top notch "alpha male dominance", but they call you a creep and get angry instead of answering with "yes SIR".

Something is missing here, why these so called submissives won't submit to you?
"Pffft what a joke FAKE submissives are everywhere" you thought to yourself

No young padawan the feeling you got "this is too good to be true" was right.. you get submission but there is a catch, someone should be willing to offer it to you, to get someones submission they should be able to trust you and like every other aspect that trust should be earned.

In BDSM world we call this power exchange (PE). A submissive sacrifices his or her power in the dynamic so in exchange d type get some degree of control and responsibility over the s type. Consent comes into play here and that's how the we separate BDSM from abuse primarily.

~The END~
So, I've never talked about this because I always found it embarrassing. And growing up in my house it was almost impossible for my family to address that something was wrong with me until I finally told them I needed therapy. I've only ever directly addressed this while talking to 2 or 3 other people, so this is nerve wracking. I really hope this works so....here we go. 

My name is Mikey. I'm 22 years old and I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and mild OCD. It's insane to say, well type it, out loud. I've always struggled with random, intense bouts of depression. My anxiety...everything can trigger my anxiety.

I never understood what was wrong with me, really. I knew I was scared of being abandoned or rejected. I'd do anything I could to make sure no one would leave. I'd get scared and freak out and send myself into these episodes where I'd be screaming, crying, hitting myself, throwing everything around me, hitting everything, etc. I always assumed it was anxiety, but I knew what my anxiety attacks and panic attacks looked like. I was always super hypersensitive. I took everything to heart. I would get upset and start crying because of the smallest thing. I'd feel so empty and never really knowing who I was (I'm still trying to figure that out). I'm constantly changing my hair, changing the way I dress, etc. I've never truly known who I am. 

This all lead to me developing eating disorders. I'd binge and eat and eat and eat until I felt sick and I'd do it for weeks at a time, then I'd starve and eat as little as possible for weeks. I self harmed. I was cutting, hitting myself, pulling my hair and eyelashes, scratching. I was drinking heavily, doing pills. I wasn't getting a good amount of sleep. I was always up. I slept for a couple hours and start drinking again. 

I had always been hurt by everyone in my life. People let me down and I couldn't trust them. Then I met my current boyfriend. He's been so patient and helpful and understanding with everything. He's the best thing to ever happen to me. He's the only person I've ever pictured myself having children with and marrying and just living the rest of my life with. He's the one who's let me explore my sexuality (I didn't know of any sexual kinks I had or anything). 

One day I discovered the DDLG community. I wasn't too interested at first, then I started reading and researching about littles. I didn't realize that I was a little. When I brought it up to him, he just said "Yeah, I thought you knew. I was just being supportive." I looked into it some more and fell in love. At the time I discovered it, I was in a battle with my depression, again. The more I let myself be a little, the easier it was. I was happier. I was having less outbursts and episodes. Less suicidal tendencies. I was able to feel innocent and free and not worry about all the things I had to think about when I wasn't little. I got to feel the happiness and warmth I never felt as a child. 

Being a little was one of the best things to happen to me. It's not a sexual thing for me (it's okay if that's you, whatever makes you happy). It's not just something I do because of the aesthetic or because I want to "promote" pedophilia like a lot of people think. Being a little has completely saved my life. 

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How to make rules for a ddlg dynamic. 

In many DDLG dynamics people feel the need for a list of rules to be made , but not every little needs rules and no little has the same needs as another. Each little is unique and deserves a unique list of nurturing and beneficial rules that is negotiated between themselves and their caregivers. (disclaimer like all things in DDLG & BDSM in general there is no set one way to do things. The following is just meant for educational purposes and general guidelines for a safe, sane consensual dynamic)

*Rules should never be meant to hurt the little or manipulate them. Your caregiver should not make a rule simply because they don't like something without it being beneficial to the little. All littles and caregivers and should have a safe word to be able to stop and discuss things if needed. 


Example of a bad rule and why : caregiver doesn't like one of your friends for some reason  (let's say they are jealous of this the bond of friendship and the time you spend with them). The caregiver may make a rule restricting you from seeing this person. This rule is not beneficial nor nurturing. It is not a good example of a rule of caregiver should make. 

Example of a good rule and why: a caregiver does not like you seeing a friend (reason, this friend has been toxic and puts you in unsafe situations.) The caregiver makes your rule that you should not put yourself in unsafe situations. The caregiver should discuss the reasons as to why they are concerned and you should both together make the decision whether or not you would like to continue this friendship but it is not there ultimate say. 

*A caregiver should never have absolute say so. All decisions and rules should be negotiable and if you do not agree to a rule or need it to stop use your safe word. All caregivers must respect your safe word. (And in turn you must respect their safe word). DDLG dynamics are all about consent and without your consent rules have no power. Do not allow a caregiver to manipulate you or make you feel guilty for not following a rule you do not consent to. 

*Tips for basic rules

1. Eat a minimum of two healthy meals daily. 

2.make sure to drink plenty of water and take all needed medication at appropriate times. (This may be a point where you should make a chart to keep track of your medication and or water intake) 

3. A bedtime ,set to make sure you're getting enough sleep.

*Suggestions for rewards



Extra time for activities, tv time , staying up a little past bed time.

Rewards should be discussed and negotiated. 

*Suggestions for punishment

Punishments must be discussed and consented to. Caregivers cannot give you a punishment that you did not consent to. If you feel you're being unfairly punished you use your safeword and discuss. (Don't just be a brat and try and get out of punishments heheh but brats gonna be bratty so do your thing lol )

Restricted time for activities.

 No TV time. 

No treats

Writing lines or an apology letter

Cold shower. 

Time out 

There can of course be fun, silly or naughty rules. If you both agree to them 

Example, your caregiver makes a rule they want to pick out your panties / underwear for you. 


This rule is not necessary beneficial but it can be fun and build a silly bond if you are into that kind of thing. 

Funishments are also okay as long as you both agree to them.

Example , edging , spankings , cloths pens on nips. 

And remember safe ,sane , consensual always. 

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I regress because.... 

I never had a good childhood. 

I have anxiety disorder... 

I feel misunderstood by my family... 

I want to feel normal and not be judged. 

I have my blue days... 

I've been hurt and bullied in the past... >~< 

I regress because it makes me feel wanted! I regress because it gives mesh a sense of someone isn't gonna hurt mesh... i regress because it makes me feel better when the bad days come around. I regress because it makes me feel like myself! 

Why do you regress..? You don't have to state things you are not open about. But to make you notice that regressing isn't nasty and has a good view to it!

Milo_Bear Oct 13 · Rate: 5

Well I was skimming through the home feed last night. Commenting DAD jokes on posts, sneezing real loud and doing some dad noises "argh", Then it hit me like lightning after seeing some of the writings .. I'm not a REAL daddy dom.

I was in denial and did what any sensible person with too much free time would do, argued with the person till 3 a.m but obviously I lost. I'm not sure if it was my accent or maybe its because of the fact that "random people on the internet is always right" (you didn't know that? silly you).

But now I'm at peace with some being real and others being fake, because obviously "daddy doms" are basically Agent Smiths, they all think alike and have the same preference. You think people are unique and a label isn't enough to define them in a dynamic? pfffft.. what a joke you are.

So I put some thoughts into this and came up with some facts why I'm a fwake daddy dom.

* I have a 'D' in my username, its inappropriate

* I'm 24, no one can be a daddy dom if you are under 120

* Never been able to make a little wet by ordering "Get wet", probably because of the second fact

* Sometimes I let out my emotions

* Likes few children stories like "there is no such a thing as a dragon", IK not very masculine of me.

If you relate to one or more points on this post, I have bad news for you buddy .. you arefwake too.


The Carnival


I do prefer that analogy. The carnival. 


Narcolepsy has broken my brain chemicals to where I have an abnormally uninhibited sex drive. 


I’ve done just about everything. I go for 8-14 hours when the schedule allows for it. Women break when I’m trying to not break them. Their bodies can’t keep going. Sometimes just three hours in. They always limit out when we aren’t even halfway to mine. 


Nobody wants to have sex more than anything else. At first, yes, but they don’t understand. They don’t realize that when we go shopping it continues. In the car. At the store. Walking through the park. The library. Dinner. In the middle of the night; twice. Before work. After work. Constantly. In one form or another. 

The rides aren’t so much fun after you know how they work, and you’ve operated them all. You start making your own attractions. Thinking of contraptions that require planning and building. Modifying and repurposing things to make something new. 

Sanding the old paint and restoring things that have been neglected. Polishing the metal and tinkering with the gears. Testing the restraints. Thinking about things like safety and the force of impact. Always checking for any improvements that could be made. 

Turning on all the lights for newcomers who eat too much candy and throw up. Who are welcomed in without an admission fee. Who come for fun and say things about how wonderful it all is, but they don’t ever stay.

And when everyone is gone, when the last person is too dizzy to stand and stumbles off through the exit... and it’s time to turn out the lights... well... I will get used to it one day. 

I hope so anyway.


I can see the lights of the town from here. The towns change but it’s always the same lights. Always the same.


*crickets chirping in the night*

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Snowed In


I would love to pull a chair up to the stove on a winter's day while the snow falls softly outside. The kind of day that there is a quiet hush over the surrounding sounds and a closeness over what is close already. Everything being muted by the softly falling snow.


Sitting in that chair, with you in an open night gown. The kind that is light and silky. A light creamy transparency. Open and falling to your sides. The back of the chair turned towards the stove. You straddle me, taking me inside of you, and rock your hips forward and up, down and back, ever so gently. Humming slowly and softly. Your milk engorged breast so full in my hand. Supporting the weight from the side while you press down at the top of the other loose, sweetly aching breast to start your milk flowing. Anticipating my need to nurse and be nurtured.


The wholesome smells of a home cooked breakfast filling the air. The smells of you so close to my face. More immediate than anything else. Your pale skin pressing in by my nose.


When the cooking is not needing attention at length you place your right hand on my shoulder and press down on the upward rise of your body, then let off half of that steady pressure in the descent. Your left hand caressing the back of my neck to the base of my head. Lovingly rubbing me. Staying connected. Whispering softly to me. Telling me sweet things. Speaking life and goodness into my being. How precious I am to you. Your good baby boy. Your sweet baby.


As my cock stiffens the last little bit to swollen fullness and my suckling becomes intermittent... soft little grunts escaping from me; you reassure me that it's alright. That's it's ok to cum in mommy's pussy. That that's what makes mommy happy, too.


"Cum in mommy's pussy, baby. Cum in mommy's pussy. Mommy's sweet pussy. Just for you, baby. That's just for you. Mommy loves you, baby. Cum in mommy's pussy. Cum for mommy. Cum deep in your mother. Release inside me, baby. Release all of your cum in mommy. Cum in mommy's pussy, baby. Cum in mommy's pussy."


You feel my thickness pulsing inside you and warm cum rushing into your womb. You press your hips all the way down to receive my fullness and rock against me.


"Good boy. Fill mommy up. Fill mommy up with your hot cum, baby. Good boy. Thank you, baby. Mommy loves you so much. You're my sweet baby. Thank you, baby. Put all your cum in mommy."


My hands fall to my sides and my mouth opens. My eyes are closed and rolled back in my head. My whole body goes limp and loose.


We hang there in those precious moments. Those seconds framing into eternity.


As my body begins twitching and the world begins to move again after that sweet pause in forever, you pull your other nipple up to my mouth, guiding it to me. Into my still wet mouth. Wet with mother's milk. As I begin to nurse you feel the pressure ease off of your mammary glands, and the deep aching begin to subside. Your milk rushes down and relief sweeps over your body in waves. You return to your cooking as my cock begins to grow inside you once more.


Cum running down the sides of your loving pussy, you begin to hum softly once more. You begin to rock once more. And as your garments brush softly against your skin, as I drink your life force into my being, you are already anticipating my need for sustenance and meeting it on every single level. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Softly humming and holding your child, your sweet baby. Kissing my forehead while I pull on your breast. Ever so close and delicate. Soft and supportive, you say to me in the kindest of your ways, full of gentleness and the very essence of you:


"Mommy loves you, baby. Mommy loves you so much."


Talon Oct 10
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