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I might tell my sister about my ddlg lifestyle soon. She knows I'm childish but she doesn't know what a little is so she can't put two and two together and figure it out. I just wonder what she'll think about it.
I'm new to almost everything here but I've been learning a lot since I discovered it....I just found out about a year ago that I was a little, since I was I'd say 12 or 13 I've known I was more childish then everyone around me but I wasn't aloud online or anything to find why I was like that.
I colored and played with dolls when everyone else was playing video games or spending 24/7 on their phones so I knew I was different. But I know now that I'm a little and a switch it's hard for me to fully submit to my daddy, we're both switchs so it makes it easier on me.
I've only ever been with one person and he's a switch but tends to lean more to the dom side. So I don't know anything else to say... Bye bye!!