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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About DDlg

  • What is DDlg?

    DDlg (Daddy-Dom/little girl) most often refers to a relationship between a dominant caregiver, and a submissive 'little'. DDlg is also used as an umbrella term though, to more broadly refer to a host of related ideas and activities - particularly those related to age-regression.

  • Does DDlg involve children?

    No, absolutely not. DDlg is NOT about actual children in any way, shape or form. In the same way that people who are into BDSM are not advocating for actual slavery, and people into petplay (treating their partner like a pet, with leashes and collars, etc.) are not interested in actual animals, DDlg does not involve or indicate any interest in underage people.

  • What is a 'little'?

    A little is someone who takes on the role of a younger person. For some people, being a little simply means enjoying the same sort of things they enjoyed when they were young, such as cartoons or more childish looking clothing. For others, it means they enjoy mentally regressing to a very child-like state.

    In DDlg relationships, the little often takes on a more submissive, child-like role towards their Caregiver. This is very comparable to the role of a submissive and Dom, in D/s relationships.

  • What is a Caregiver?

    A Caregiver is someone who enjoys taking care of a little. For many littles, a large part of the appeal of age regression is being looked after and taken care of, and the Caregiver fills that role.

    In many relationships, the Caregiver fulfills the same role as the Dom in a D/s relationship. Even in very BDSM focused relationships though, a Caregiver is generally more openly affectionate and caring, than in a typical BDSM relationship. Control and domination are more likely to be expressed in ways similar to how a parent would discipline and control a child.

  • What is age regression?

    Age regression is a state of mind in which people imagine themselves as they were when they were younger. As part of that, they may act in similarly young and immature ways.

  • Is DDlg the same thing as BDSM?

    This is dependent on the individuals involved, with some DDlg relationships incorporating more BDSM elements than others. DDlg does not always involve BDSM, and many people with an interest in DDlg have no interest in BDSM or a Dom/sub dynamic at all.

    While Dom/sub and BDSM are not a neccessary part of DDlg, they are a large part of most DDlg relationships. The exact ways in which those BDSM elements play out might be different, but for most littles and Caregivers, they are an essential component of the Caregiver/little dynamic.

  • Is DDlg the same thing as ABDL?

    ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover) is a term for people who are interested in diapers. Most people interested in DDlg are not interested in diapers. However, many people with interest in ABDL topics are also littles and interested in DDlg, so you will find a large number of ABDL enthusiasts in the DDlg community.

  • Site Rules

  • What are the Site Rules?

    1: Be respectful of others. Please don't try hitting on everyone you see. Not everyone is here to date, many are just here to socialize.

    2: Don't use petnames with strangers.

    3: Keep all content reasonably clean and family-friendly. No nudity.

    4: Members must be 18 or over. Report any underage user.

  • Are members under 18 allowed?

    No. Members under 18 are not allowed.

    There are NO exceptions to this rule. All members are required to report underage users immediately.

  • Is it ok to post dating-related ads outside of the Personals section?

    No. Please keep all dating and related activities in the Personals section of the forum.

    Posting Personals elsewhere on the site, or treating the site as a whole as a dating service, is seen by the rest of the community as being in poor taste, and is not likely to be recieved well.

    Click Here to go to the Personals section of the Forum.

  • What are "petnames"?

    A petname is a term of affection, or a nickname. A few examples include "sweetie", "dear", "cutie", "princess", and "beautiful".

  • Why can't I use petnames with strangers?

    Using petnames with strangers makes many people very, very uncomfortable, and it is a violation of our site rules. Please do not use petnames with strangers.

  • Am I allowed to post nude photos?

    No. No nudity is allowed on the site. This includes photos of yourself or other people. It also includes cartoons, drawings, and animation.

  • Is sexually explicit content allowed?

    Overly sexualized or explicit content is not allowed.

    Sexually related content is not banned entirely, but it should be within reasonable bounds. If you wouldn't be comfortable viewing the content in front of a group of strangers on the bus, then it is probably too explicit for the site.

  • Can I advertise my Discord server?

    Sorry, but due to numerous problems in the past with people spamming the entire site with ads for their Discord servers, we no longer allow people to advertise their discord server anywhere on the site.

    Notifing people of your KIK group or other similar groups is allowed however, as long as it's done within reason.

  • Dating

  • Is DDlg Friends a dating site?

    While many of our members are here looking for partners, DDlg Friends is intended as a social networking site, where people with an interest in DDlg, age regression, and related topics, can come together to make friends and socialize.

  • How do I find a caregiver or little?

    You can check out our Personals section, or post your own ad.

    Click Here to go to the Personals section of the Forum.

    Please note that not everyone on DDlg Friends is single or looking to date. Please be respectful of other members, and do not try randomly hitting on everyone you see.

  • What should I look for in a caregiver or little?

    DDlg relationships are really not all that different from any other relationship. The same tried and true advice that applies to normal, vanilla (non-kink) relationships applies to DDlg as well.

    • Don't be in a hurry. You don't have to get involved with the first person you meet. Don't rush into a relationship with someone you just met. Take your time, and get to know them first.

    • Trust your gut. If someone feels strange or untrustworthy, they probably are.

    • Be open and honest about what you need and want, and expect the same in return.

    • Don't be afraid to set boundaries, and to enforce them. If you're not comfortable with something, say so.