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Daddy_Daniel Mar 19
 Hey there, my names Daniel and I'm a 19 y/o caregiver. I've never been in a ddlg relationship before, but I know what I'm doing as well as what I'm looking for. I've babysat a couple of times for practice, and I've done my personal research on how ddlg relationships go. I am a butch lesbian woman, who's style is somewhat on the darker side. I prefer a partner that leans more toward the feminine side. I am strictly monogamous, I will only consider others who are monogamous as well. I am a very protective, ambitious, and driven person in every aspect of my life. I'd like to find someone driven as well, somone with goals. I am an extremely caring and loyal person and I expect the same from a partner, I don't tolerate cheating in a relationship. I'm a freshmen in college, and I'm studying to be an engineer. I enjoy biking, the outdoors, all types of music, and anime. I'm also a vegetarian, so it would be nice to find someone that is also a vegetarian. Although I can cook just about anything, so I can manage haha. If you'd like to get to know me better then just shoot me a message.  
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Hi, im a little in the FL area, feel free to kik me @princesskiwi0915
Haileybear209 Mar 29
hello! I'd love to talk:) my kik is celestial.noodle
Daddy_Daniel Sep 20
damagedbabe Sep 20
i’d love to talk
Redpandas101 Sep 20
Hi!! I'd love to talk to you snap:spring_winter00