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CandyAcid Dec 19 '17
(18/F/Dayton, Ohio) Little looking for Daddy/Mommy

Heyy! My name is Ashley!! I have minimal experience with
having a Daddy. I’ve had two so far but they ended up not being good experiences
for me (had to get a restraining order on one) so I may be a bit slow to
completely open up at first.

I’m very much a brat and I know that’s something I need to
work on. I’m never disrespectful, but I like to be playful and sometimes I go a
bit overboard. 

I don’t really enjoy LDRs because I’m a clingy person and I
like to do stuff in person. 

I am definitely into BDSM, especially anything to do with
cnc or restraining.  The dynamic I’m
looking for will be both sexual and “platonic.” 

I’m in college, studying accounting and psychology and I
work at a nursing home :P sometimes I get super busy so replies could be slow
on here.

Now for the fun stuffs! My little age is 7 :P I love to
color, read, write, draw, and I absolutely love movies. I have an obsession
with colorful pens and I have a plan to buy them all (;< My favorite animal
is an owl and my favorite color is definitely pink! I looove cuddling, hugs,
and kisses. Prepare to be attacked.

Please PM me with annnny questions.

P.S. I am totally down to just make friends as well. So if
any littles/caregivers read this and wanna just be my friend, I will never say
no to that!
Sorry this is a lot longer than I intended :P
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dylanj Dec 26 '17
Kik - klone1563 I'll tell you all about me
JayTheOtaku Dec 26 '17
dm on instagram @svper_senpai. i will tell you about myself and i hope to learn alot about you aswell :)

ExcaliburSol Jan 28 '18
Hey, Ashley I'm also from Ohio specifically the Toledo area. Are you still looking for a daddy?
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Josh_205260 Apr 9 '19
Are you still needing a daddy 
ZachC117 Sep 16 '19
Snap me
hi baby girl im a loving daddy that has had this lifestyle since I was 9 and im now35,and still haven't found my princess to love n charish.
its hard to find people like us in ohio ,im from Greenville and feel like one of a kind
Derp Feb 14

Sorry to break it to you buddy, but this thread is from 2017 and she hasn't replied to anyone who has necro'ed it before you. I would assume your effort is futile.

Also "has had this lifestyle since I was 9" lol