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Heyo i'm a 21 year old dd (dom/master/owner/etc) My dream is to have either just two littles and me or a mommy and two littles (the mommy is for the two littles i'm just daddy not a lb) Also please don't be 17 dude like fr fr

So some basics about me

physically I'm a 6'3 dude with a beard and long dirty blondhair (for now), rockin the dad bod, got them baby blues, but i like working out and being like physically strong,i don't have any tats yet but i will be getting some hopefully in the future! No piercings on myself just not for me on me ya dig?

Stuff about me

love me some vida games, dark souls, dragons dogma, terraria, and stellaris are some of my favs just to name a few.

Love me some food! and animals of all kinds from the floofy to scaly!

I play dnd both as a dm and player rather be a player tbh but hey i enjoy it now and then

I'm into just about all kinds of music but not really into most modern countrys stuffs ngl.

I"m from Minnesota! the cold land of lakes and more lakes or Canada 2 electric boogaloo

I like dark humor and love just someone who has a sense of humor as well dark or not.

I have a decently high sex drive just as a heads up! and a bunch of kinks

I don't care to to much about what you look like but i do like both tattoos and piercings also girls who are thiccc lol

Just as a heads up not really interested in someone who has kids atm, preferably have a job or going for schooling or something, Just like some sort of goal you are going towards

if you are interested send me a message! or if you have any questions! I'm an open book! I will definitely be adding stuff to this as i go!(I'm terrible at taking pics and look way better in like video chats or in person lmaooo)

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