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Kev_WA Oct 26 '18

Age: 37
Name: Kev
Role: Daddy/Rigger
Years experience: 7
Location: Perth, Western Australia

Sexual Orientation: Heteoflexible
Looking for: long term relationship - Little, middle, kitten, princess.


**If you don't have honest and genuine intentions, please don't lead me on. I don't expect a relationship right away but I am an honest and transparent person, I expect the same from those I talk with.**


I am a 37 year old Daddy Dom and Rigger, I have 7 years of experience living this lifestyle though the DD nature was always there just unknown until I learnt the lifestyle existed. I am 100% monogamous and devote my time and attention to one person only. I am happy where my life is at and just want to find a little kitten princess who complements my life. I prefer to live the DDlg lifestyle pretty much 24/7 bar times some discretion is needed.
I'm firm but fair and will adjust to suit your needs, being a Daddy comes naturally to me and isn't forced. I do believe in behaviour modification through punishments and nurturing. I am more about nurturing and guiding along with rewarding good behaviour over punishing bad behaviour., aftercare is always practiced and given and will never be left out.

You must be:

-Very Clingy
-Very Wanty ("needy" but I dislike that word)
-Over 18.
-Knowledge of the lifestyle (experience a plus).
-Enjoy this as a lifestyle not just bedroom antics.
-Know how to communicate.
-Cheeky yet obedient.
Rope play/Shibari has become a high level of interest for me, I have played around with it in the past but would like to expand my knowledge and learn more as this is rather limited due to lack of a partner willing to experiment.
All things will be discussed at length and agreed to before entering into anything, nothing is forced and always open to communication. I am in no rush to get into a relationship, I wish to ensure the next person I devote myself to is a good match before I even consider anything.
Open to PMs to chat.
I am not interested in Overseas LDR, happy to start online but must be willing and able to relocate if not in Perth, Western Australia should things go well. Please note if you're not from a commonwealth country or hold a dual citizenship (with one being for Australia) then the logistics, costs and regulations required would make relocation unlikely, so don't wish to lead anyone on and start an emotional attachment with someone that likely won't have a future with.

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Jenniferbrown123 Nov 23 '18
Lavendarlamb Nov 23 '18
Helloo !!
Kev_WA Nov 23 '18
Hello Jennifer and Lavendar, hope you are both well?
Kev_WA Mar 12
No picture what the heck?
Kev_WA Mar 13
That's correct, this is a very public forum that doesn't require log in to view pictures or profiles, I prefer not to have my face on such a public domain. More than happy to share pictures in a less public space but being this lifestyle is still very misunderstood from so many, having my face in such a public place that can be accessed by anyone, I don't find it a good idea for a level of privacy I am comfortable with. I understand if this is not suitable for everyone, but for me, I prefer to keep my privacy somewhat on a more private level.