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Right this group is here for one thing and one thing only to see if we can form a group big enough for bedtime stories, if enough people follow this group I'll make a discord where every daddy / mommy is welcome to read bedtime stories no matter the time seeing as we all have different time zones even Littles can read if they want to improve their reading skills. A safe and open reading space. 
DesdemonaOphelia Jul 28 '19
What’s your favorite bedtime story?

I love when my Daddy makes up stories just for me, but there are a few books I like too!

Tiger’s Bedtime

5 Minute Disney Princess Stories

LilWitch Aug 11 '19
Honestly, I really like In A Dark Dark Room, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, The Gruffallo, Grimm's fairy tales, Anderson's fairy tales. Short rhyming stories are usually pretty good ;) I know I'm a little different in what I like and I always have been. Goodnight Moon was also one I remembered well.  :) 
littlesirena Aug 11 '19
Disney stories and made up onesssss!
GypsyPrincess Aug 12 '19
I like the tinker bell books! I have almost all of them and those are my favorite bedtime stories
Amber Sep 8 '19
Beauty and the beast and variations of it
Ninx_lilKitty Sep 23 '19
I love original stories (being a writer myself) however I also like the gruesome true fairy tail stories. A favourite of mine is Rapunzel and Peter Pan... and The little Mermaid.  And maybe some supernatural sci-fi...
babyboy_nate Mar 22
Whinne the pooh
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