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PrincessHope Aug 28
Hello! I'm Hope, and I'd really like a daddy. I'm a college girl, having just entered my junior year. I like watching movies (my favorite is Lina Wertmuller's version of Ciao, Professore! and I also really like Haile Gerima's and Vittorio de Sica's films), writing (I do screenplays, poetry, and short stories) and reading. I love the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and the late, great Toni Morrison the most, and my favorite book is Giovanni Boccachio's Decameron. (It's like an early, Italian version of The Canterbury Tales. However, it's better than the Canterbury Tales. Fight me). I listen to mostly rap and Bruce Springsteen. My taste in men is tall, dark and awesome. 
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LAlienDD Aug 28
Ciaoo! Seems you likes Italy! ("ciao professore" in Italy us called "io, speriamo che me la cavo!" ;)

I'm Italian and love in Roma! :3

Daddyseyes Oct 11
Hey hope! Im interested in getting to know you if you are still looking for a daddy! 
Olli Oct 12
Would you say you ... hope to find a daddy ? 
Olli Oct 12
ah fuck its rly old.