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Hi!! I’m sunflower and I’m looking for a daddy please. I was in a very long relationship where I was forced to push my little side away. As far deep as I could and I’ve been having a little trouble getting back into little space. My little side is a little scared to come out. I would love to find a daddy near by that wouldn’t mind a fragile broken little. Thank you and I’m sorry 
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spideray Mar 26
Hi I would love to talk and get to know you , I understand why your broken and I promise that I would help you find your little side again and you have no reason to be sorry because you where hurt I would promise to never hurt you or ghost you I would just help you be little again , I know we are not that close but I think we could work something out . well if intrested you can message me here or on kik spideray69 , hopefully we well talk soon 
GoofyGoober Mar 26
Hey I’m Quincy and I’m 22 I live in St. Petersburg, Florida and i would love to be your daddy and take care of you 
Hey cutie:)
Caroline_4 Mar 27
LionKing Mar 27
Good morning sunflower, I’m Billy, older and not in Florida. Your past experience is awful and sadly common but you sound strong, so if ya ever just need a friend shout at me, we all have “little” inside of us and it makes life beautiful don’t forget or lose that. Be safe