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Lonely_princess Jun 10 '18

I love singing, drawing and playing with my two little cats Smith and Wesson (yes those are really their names lol)

I enjoy playing video games. My favorite is gta. I also like to binge watch shows on Netflix.

I like to play with makeup and crazy hair colors. My favorite colors are pink and purple. Ummm... not sure what else to put here lol anything you want to know just ask :)

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AZDaddy Jun 10 '18
What area are you looking in?
Cameronlewis1896 Jun 10 '18
I’ll be your daddy
That_one_guy Jun 15 '18
Ok so I wasn't gonna post anything cause I hate posting but Smith and Wesson caught my attention cause come on that's hilarious and awesome love kitty's, anyway it's cool that u like singing cause I'm actually a singer... to the point tho u seem cool and I would like to get to know u so if u want to talk hit me up at @8that_one_guy8 on kik
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Kitsunegari Jul 10 '18
Hello. I am new to the site, but not the lifestyle. Are you still looking for a semi-local Daddy who is strict, but fair? 
hello princess your pic is nice u look amazing,cool that your into gamming, that's my thing to do and love enjoying new movies at home