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I am 25, years old. Little age is 8-13. I know that is a high age for a little but I am independent on a lot. I love writing, reading, binge-watching series, going for walks, hiking, working out...and I love being warm and cozy during the winter. In the summer, I am on the go constantly. I love hot chocolate. I have stuffies that I love to name. I love movies and music. I am looking for a DaddyDom whom I can have a connection with, someone who isn't going to want just sex. I need someone to really take care of me, I have bipolar disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, eating disorder, and some paranoia. I have a lot of history/baggage. Which I knew isn't ideal. But I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love helping others and letting them become who they've always meant to be. That is one reason why I am majoring in Psychology. I might even do Criminal Justice because I would love to profile people. I have a list of what I look for in someone. If you are interested in being my DaddyDom, just send me a message and I will send you that list. It is long. But I know what I want and I know how I want to be treated. I will love you just as much as you love me if not more. Thank you :) 
karl77 Feb 10

Is an online daddy ok?  if so i think u sund interesting.

LoveableDom2 Feb 10
Would love to speak with you ill send you a friend request
Luckygman74 Feb 11
I just joined this site tonight. I am looking for a forever little. Someone I can take care of and protect.  Please send me your list of wants di I can see if I fit your needs.