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Hello all! Forgive me if any of this is too forward or sounds kind of creepy. (As saying something like 'DESPERATELY NEEDS A LITTLES ATTENTION NOW' is how I feel but weird to say!) ANYWAYYYYY... I really do want to find the right connection with someone! And putting yourself out here on these forums is so disheartening because so many people post and *BAM* just like that my post is on page 8 between a post from a fake daddy saying "i need a submissive little to take care of daddy" and a post that's just as genuine as mine! But I digress yet again...I'm sweet and gentle. I won't lie to any of you, I'm 24 so of course I'm going to have moments where my hormones rage and I get excited but that's not why I'm here! I want to talk and build a connection with someone who's able to hold a conversation, just as sweet and devoted as I am, and not afraid to just be themselves around me. I'm only 5'7 which seems to be a deal breaker for many and i weigh 135lbs. I'm not ripped by any means but I like my body the way it is! I'm intelligent and nerdy but at the same time I'm just as jock and manly as a lumberjack (Minus the beard and well you know...muscles!) I'm a simple country boy who fixes his own problems and will do my best to listen to yours and solve them if necessary! Pms are always welcome! And if you just need someone to talk to well then I'm here for that to. (ALthough like I said I do desire a connection with someone!) Regardless I hope the 2 people who read this have a wonderful day!
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honestly this was more entertaining and interesting than half the people on here combined and i give you props 
Thanks! Haha I certainly try my best to bring joy to the masses!
Littleladyme Oct 10
That was hilarious.  I enjoyed your honesty. At least you have the courage to say how you feel.♡