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rozeb Apr 13 '18
I'm a 23yr old little that lives in Ohio.
I would like a daddy to save me from this life of being the last important. I want a daddy that I can give me everything to. I like to make my daddy happy even if it's just coloring a picture or making his favorite meal or just doing a chore he asks. I love to just make my daddy happy and proud of me. In return I want my daddy to have complete control. I'm very shy at first but I'm 102% honest and open about what I want and need. I have PTSD and Major Depression so it might be a little more work to take care me but if you think you want to or at least want to get to know me better please message me. 
Hope to here from you soon. 
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timothyw Apr 13 '18
I would like to get to know you better
hi princess,i have ptsd and depression,been working on myself for a very long time,iv learned ways to not get crazy of the deep end of it.maby this daddy can help you ,I need someone that can relate to being sad/depressed,im cant give u all the worlds, $,but if I had u as my princess id be able to garentee a safe place with all bills getting paid on time.have a nice vs day cutie