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New to the community!!

New to the community!!

This is a group for new and/or unsure littles and care givers that need advise, tips and tricks to get better comfortable with the community!!
Lil_dragonfly Dec 5 '18

A little is a person over the age of consent who chooses to participate in childlike behaviours and activity’s, they are a more submissive counterpart to a ddlg relationship. They enjoy acting younger then they really are, kind of like having an alter ego that's much younger then yourself, when they do slip into this headspace, it's called slipping into little space. While in little space is when they are at their most submissive and most vulnerable.

A caregiver is a more guiding, parental figure and a more dominant counterpart to a ddlg relationship. The caregiver looks after and guides there little, sets rules and boundaries, helps and makes sure there littles needs are met, offer love, support and attention and a gentle but firm hand to guid and look after there little.

A switch is a term for someone who is both a little and a caregiver. A switch switches between the two head spaces depending on there mood or the person they are with, able to take on ether role in the relationship. Though one can’t expect a switch to always be in one role, if a switch has taken the role of a caregiver it’s comment for them to want to slip into little pace themselves from time to time to have a break or satisfy that side of themselves, the same goes for when they takes the role of a little, there will be times there caregiver side comes out here and there

A babysitter is like a caregiver that just isn’t in a set relationship. They may temporarily take the role of a littles caregiver, looking after them and offering help and support, but it’s more temporary. A babysitter may look after multiple littles at once


DDLG: Daddy Dom, Little Girl; this is the most common of the relationships, a heterosexual relationship, DDLG consists of a male caregiver and female little.

DDLB: Daddy Dom, Little Boy; a homosexual relationship, DDLB consists of both a male caregiver and male little

MDLG: Mummy Dom, Little Girl; a homosexual relationship, MDLG consists of both a female caregiver and female little

MDLB: Mummy Dom, Little Girl; a heterosexual relationship, MDLB consists of a female caregiver and male little

Each one of these relationships works the same way, holds the same values and has the same standard for communication, trust, loyalty, consent, respect and love as any other relationship, ones sex or preference doesn’t change this fact.
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