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Gaming little's and daddy's

Gaming little's and daddy's

Hello, and welcome to my group for little's and daddy's/mommy's that are gamers.  I happen to be a gamer, and I don't have a lot of friends who are into video games.  These games, can range from for example cooking mama to more intense games like Fallout 4.  I want to know what games you play, are you a horror gamer or are you into puzzle games.  I might be posting Fallout 4 related stuff, since I have been thinking about creating a Youtube account and make Fallout 4 game play and show off my settlements so be prepared for that.  Just don't mark it on my pip boy.  Love you, and welcome for being apart of this group.


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one hour ago
Heyy anyone play on pc message me for my steam and blizzard id :) Ive been playing a lot of Overwatch and Elder Scrolls Online lately.
one hour ago
Xbox One, message me if you'd like to add me
17 hours ago
Pc and ps4 if you want my screen name shoot me a message
22 hours ago
I'm on ps4 if you want my name message me
Yesterday, 12:49PM
someone want play league on eune now ? im lonely :( my discord is Suicideprices#3324
Yesterday, 11:32AM
I am on PC, and Nintendo Switch. I would love to game with members of the community, message me for my details.
Dec 5
I mostly play on PC. All my usernames here are the same as they are here. Steam, blizzard, epic games. Message me if you want to play!
Dec 5
I play a lot of Overwatch on Xbox, my GT is actually the same as my username here ^.^ I play some other stuff as well if anyone would like to add me :3
Dec 5
Anybody like horror games like bendy, FNAF or agony?
Dec 5
Any little that love Fallout New Vegas? Would Love to talk about games with you.
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