write letters or send gifts to ur little fwiends :3 or to ur daddy/mommy ;) 
9 members
Littles with Chronic Illness or Disability
This is a safe zone for littles and caregivers with any chronic illness or disability, whether they be common or rare.I noticed there weren't any groups for this, so I decided to make one so I can find other littles who are kind of like me!  We work harder because of the challenges we face, an...
17 members
Trans Littles
This is place for trans littles to make friends and talk about their struggles with transitioning.  and be supportive and all the while show off how awesome being a little is. It is also a place for Mommies and Daddies and caregivers both cis and trans, to make friends, find support and be s...
1 members
Ohio Gathering
for all the Ohioans to come and make friends, find love and etc. whatever it is, stop by here
6 members
German DDLG Meetup
I was thinking. Wouldnt it be nice to have a german-based meetup to Talk and meet and flirt for All DDLG lovers?Of course, safety is important for me (and should be for everyone else) so we will establish some rules beforehand.This list will be added to.  Rules for Meetup- invite only. You can...
2 members
You like Marvel? , You like D.C ? And your in Ddlg and Bdsm?.. Well welome here to the Community of Marvel and D.C.!Nerd out , Freak out , fangirl out and boy fan out. Share your interest. Taste and Arguments of the common nerd discussions. Rules: Be nice. Respect everyones taste in opionions , Even...
40 members
North and South Carolina
This is a group for little and cg that lives in the north and south Carolina 
5 members
Littles Needing Friends
This group is just for littles who are in need of friends. Everyone welcome <3
14 members
Littles /daddys
Hewwos ish is new but ish had lots of gc but anwyas this is for daddys near there 20 or 30 Okies that are loookies for littles 
6 members
Little's of color support group
So,  I have been in the lifestyle for a little while.  I joined right when I hit 17. I've been to many munches and I've met all sorts of people.   I don't know if it was the area,  BUT you rarely come across little's that are poc. If you do,  you sense a self hatr...
4 members
Squishy Lil School
This is a group for the 'Squishy Lil School' I am currently working on. Anyone is allowed and I would really love for this to become something great. There is a groupchat for the group!!As of June 9, 2019 the school is steadily being prepared and should be open as of the following monday!Please...
14 members
Older daddies and littles who love them
This is for the older amongst us and anyone who loves the older CG
8 members
This is a place where all littles , Daddies , Slaves and Masters etc can come together and share their faiths. Where all Genders Male and female and crossed genders are welcomed as this is a LOVING place. A place where you can share your Christiany. As well as other Religions are welcomed , As we Al...
50 members
Reno Nevada
Daddies, Littles and mommies welcome!!!
2 members
League Of Legends Fans
For anyone whos in the dynamic who plays league of legends ^^
8 members
Littles/Kittens and Daddys/Mommys/Caregiver/Master in Germany
Here is a place where everyone is welcome from germany ^~^ :D
1 members
Littles of new Orleans.
This is a group for little friends of Nola or near by! 
1 members
AmBw Littles/Caregivers
I wanna hopefully make a place where Asian Littles/caregivers can meet nonasian Littles/caregivers. I don’t see much of that in this lifestyle so hopefully this picks up^^
2 members
Littles and caregivers in Knoxville/Des Moines iowa
Looking for some littles and caregivers to make new friends with me and my daddy
1 members
Mummies / Mommys ONLY
For those that are either mummies, or switches, as long as the mummy side is there. NO GUYS PLEASE For those in USA, Mommy not mummy :)
1 members

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