Littles and daddy's in illinois
If you are in or near illinois this chat is for you
3 members
Roleplay Meet and Greet Group
A group for people to meet and get to know one another to start a roleplay relationship!
1 members
Canada Gang!
Group for all littles/middles/daddys/mommys/cgs/etc who want to meet and just talk to fellow Canadians... and maybe find that someone? ;)
1 members
I've seen groups for many regions, but not one for the European continent! So, I figured I'd make this. Always nice to talk to people on similar timezones.
1 members
Dd/md/lg/lb in Kansas
Just for anyone in kansas who want to chat, maybe meet up, or maybe find a partner(s).
1 members
Trans/Enby Littles And Doms!
A group where transgender people in this community can vent and share experiences and tips, plus partners/friends who support them or want to learn more!
2 members
Training school for littles
This is a training school for littles that want to learn how to safely be a submissive little.  Learn to spot fake daddy's and fake friends, its a safe place to learn all about things you were to scared to ask about.  No pressure or intimidation here.  Learn only what you want on ...
5 members
Idaho DDLG Group
for those in the community that are in Idaho
2 members
US littles and CG’s!
This group is for all littles and CG’s in the US! 
4 members
Babyfurs/Furries (SFW)
A safe place for littles and bigs in the furry fandom!!! 
2 members
Backdoor littles
A group for littles that favor backdoor play and for the daddys that are happy to oblige themm
1 members
Cuck Daddy's
A group for daddy's and littles that are interested in meeting other like minded individuals that are into cucking. Daddys that like to watch their littles sleeping with others bigs or doms.
2 members
Paci lovers
For all those who love pacis or decorate them to share their work, favorite pacis, or decorating tips! 
26 members
Petite littles in search for daddy
This group is for petite littles who are searching for there forever daddy of family
3 members
google hangouts
well i saw there no group for people who have google hangouts so here i am making one so everyone just have fun and become friends lol
4 members
Animal Crossing
for littles and caregivers who play Animal Crossing, mainly Animal Crossing: New Horizons 
2 members
Travelling Explorer!
Hello, so you love to travel, hop on a plane and worry about the details later? Then you have come to the right place!  Just a group for those who love to see the world, want friend or to meet people where they have a planned trip or maybe a travel buddy. All are welcome and as soon as the en...
1 members
Horror/paranormal/true crime lovers
a group for anyone who likes real or fake scary, horror, paranormal stuff or true crime (which sometimes comes hand-in-hand with *real* paranormal stories)
6 members
a group for people who identify as or are question if they are Therian or If you'd just like to learn a bit about modern Therianthropy, feel free to post what you want and make new topics to talk about! Please be nice and respectful to everyone in the group!
1 members
Letter senders united
We send letters and small packages of little supplies around to each other for those who’ve had rough days or just friends who want to chat! Give a little joy in the form of a little letter
8 members

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