You are my Sunshine
positivity ! That’s what we need . Like the song we need to feel those warm fuzzy happy vibes . So here post anything that makes you happy , helps you ,  tips and tricks , fun things etc.  we all can’t be happy all the time but the sun always rises !!!!
2 members
Disabled Doms/Littes
this is a group for all disabled doms and littles
2 members
Mental Heath For Littles
This is place to help the mental ill littles. Cg are aloud if they want to help a little.
12 members
Asia DDLG community
for those daddy’s and littles from or living in Asia 
1 members
Missouri’s littles/daddy’s/mommy’s
from Missouri only!!!
2 members
Australia ddlg/mdlg
This group Is for Australia looking for daddy ansld mummy and daddy and mummy looking for littles
4 members
Georgia Peeps
This group is for anyone from Georgia!
3 members
Little friends
For ANY littles looking for friends. 
1 members
A discussion circle of DDLG and those surrounding it along with BDSM. Express your questions, thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes. Or just have a casual discussion on the matter. No hooking up, just talk. You are free to upload quotes and memes as well
17 members
Creativity Land
A world where those of DDLG and BDSM can express their creativity side. From drawings to doing roleplays to telling stories and making poems. Whatever creative you can think of, do it here! This is not a hookup spot, just a place for fun and creativity
8 members
People in dc and md
lets chat! I want to meet some People near me!
3 members
A open group for anyone looking to make relationships (friends or more) in the great state of Texas! Everyone's welcome (:
1 members
Don’t Forget Forever Lovers ❤️
For ppl who love the book “Don’t Forget Forever..”, a love story book about bdsm. Read it here: https://my.w.tt/QG8JK0LkKY
24 members
Oregon Members
People from Oregon can join here and meet someone close.
2 members
A group chat for Daddy Doms and Little BoysI haven't seen one so I thought I would make one.
2 members
UK ✨
This is a group for all in the UK
7 members
littles from iowa
I just want some little friends
1 members
Movie night group
This is a group for people who wanna join on rabbit and watch movies and cartoons the rabb.it group isJoin me on Rabbit! https://www.rabb.it/s/u0qvmk
1 members
A group for Littles and Caregivers who smoke cigarettes or weed and those who love them for it.
3 members
A Group for CG's/Daddy's/Mommy's/Littles in Scotland to chat and get to know each other
2 members

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