Tiny play place for little ones
For anyone looking for a little or littles/pets to come and enjoy
1 members
Littles looking for play dates
I live in florida and am looking for a little to have play dates with
3 members
DFW Tx Meet Ups
Hiya! There's a Kik group chat that a few of my little friends and I created for DFW Meet Ups, 18+ only!  Little's and Caregivers welcomed!  
1 members
NC littles/caregivers!!
For new and old littles/caregivers that live in North Carolina!! Feel free to talk, make friends, and meet up( safely of course).
7 members
MDLG Only!
Hello! I would like this to be a safe group for little girls and Mommy Dommes only! Have like minded discussions here and even meet your long term partner! Women only!
11 members
A Littles World
Online group for the facebook group 'A Littles World'
4 members
DDLG 101
A place were newbies and veterans alike can come together to educate themselves and others and everything DDLG and BDSM.  Share stories and experiences the do's and don't's ins and outs and everything in between. Remember SSC, RACK, and PRICK S.AFE .          &nbs...
32 members
UK littles
Any uk littles out there?
9 members
A group for caregivers and littles of all kinds who are on the Autism spectrum to meet and support each other.
1 members
Bay Area Littles, Middles, and Bigs
Hi! I'd love to make little friends in the Bay Area so we could chat, have playdates, and hang out! Little girls, little boys, Non binary littles, Genderfluid littles and everyone in between are welcome. I can't wait to hang out with you all!
3 members
Looking for Little Friends
While Daddy is at work My Little Girl gets bored while waiting on Daddy to get back home so I'm posting an ad on here for anybody who is Little and looking to make Little friends to talk to
6 members
LOC&DOC (Littles of color & Daddies of color)
I created this group for all my daddy doms & littles of color. please make sure you have a profile picture to show yourself! feel free to chat or if you're looking for daddy put ~looking~ in the heading with your ASL! Have fun and enjoy loves!
15 members
For everyone who likes to look at or take photos!
7 members
Like playing games? Like being read to? Gamebooks are better than normal stories because you can make choices and effect the story's path and outcome. Half storybook and half role playing game, they're super fun to play with your daddy; especially if he's good at different voices. The best graphics ...
17 members
Disney Princesses and their Disney Daddy's
For all littles and Daddy's that share the love of everything Disney
4 members
NYC Group
A group for people in or near NYC to come hang out and meet each other
3 members
German DDLG
Join this group if youre from germany no matter if little boy, little girl, mommy, daddy, gay, bi, trans and whatever just join. :) Alle deutschen sind herzlich willkommen
2 members
PNW Diaper Lovers
This is a group for anyone (littles and bigs) that also wear diapers or wanna know more about it.
2 members
This group is for everyone, I'm trying to be positive about everything, so let's do it together, you feel bad share it and me and this group will give you suggestions to help you be positive, or share the problem and how you turned it positive.
2 members
Local Daddies in New York
My name is Hannah and I am looking for a Local Daddy. Wanna get to know me hit me up :)
2 members

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