Non-Sexual Littles & Caregivers
A group for those that are non-sexual. No matter if it is just in littlespace or it is full-time asexuality (or grey or demi). A place to share thoughts or concerns or questions with others of similar circumstances.
8 members
Sexual Littlespace/Dark Ageplay
This is a group for littles, ageplayers daddies, caregivers and anyone else who likes to practice sex and bdsm while in littlespace. The goal here is to squash the notion that it is not okay to be sexual  or practice bdsm while in littlespace. It is perfectly okay and valid. So come, share your...
59 members
420 friendly
A place where littles and doms who are 420 friendly can come and chat about 420 stuff or come and talk and meet each other 
30 members
meet ups/ play-dates
a group where we can meet littles near us and possibly meet up and have play-dates.
5 members
Little Witches coven
A welcoming group for any wiccans, witch or pagan derived persons! Spiritual or just curious! We can learn together!
22 members
2 members
Older CG/L
For older (25+) Caregivers and littles or lifestyle people.
39 members
|South East UK???
Group for South East UK and surrounding areas for those looking to meet IRL
7 members
Fitness Family
This group is for fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Whether you're an experienced bodybuilder or someone who just wants to feel healthier, find your home here. 
10 members
South African group for everyone:
This group is for every daddy, princess, mommy and prince living in south Africa 
4 members
littles daddys and mommys willing to relocate
this group is for littles willing to relocate to a daddy or mommy or mommies and daddies willing to relocate to a  littles
6 members
For African queens and kings only ..
1 members
DDLG in Baltic States
Ddlg in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
1 members
Kik group needs members!
Trying to liven up a group chat that was passed down to me, come join!
8 members
Survivors anonymous
This is a group for anyone who has survived horrible experience in chatroom or people in ddlg
3 members
DDLG Mental health help
This is a place for anyone no matter role, race, age (ofc 18+ like this whole site is), sex, gender identity, or sexuality etc to come together and vent and have support for mental health issues
23 members
Asian DDLG
I have noticed through my experience that there are not too many Asian people into DDLG or caregiving. Just curious to find out who all out there is into DDLG and why it got you there.
1 members
Southern  littles and daddys
This is for anyone within the southern U.S states
1 members
Kik Group For Daddies/Littles
This is a group for all daddies/littles all across the board who prefer kik to chat join our group
7 members

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