Welsh/English Littles/daddies
Looking for anyone who would like to become friends.. littles and daddies :) possibly within time hang out too ☺️
2 members
Conspiracy Theory Fans
Group for people who enjoy conspiracies :)Share ones you know of and debate the ones people post! All conspiracies are welcome, no matter how 'silly' they may feel :D
5 members
Depressed Littles
Express your thoughts and feeling, we’ll be here to listen and give support!
6 members
New Zealand
A place where Littles and Doms from New Zealand can gather.
3 members
Over 40
A group for members over 40, and those they attract.
5 members
Group Name Goes Here
This is a group for all who read or write DDLG stories! Share stories, give opinions, and have fun! 
3 members
A group for people who just wanna have a genuine connection with someone (whether it's dating or just friendship)be respectful of other's boundaries and no flirting without spoken consent 
1 members
PA little’s and daddy’s
Littles and daddy from pa looking to find someone
7 members
Looking for fremale little friends
Hi my daddy and i are looking for a female little friend for me to get to know and talk to and maybe be able to have play dates. I have only ever had 1 little friend and she moved i would love to have some to share my love for the little things . We are located in ohio but you can live any wher...
20 members
Writing, it is a lifestyle, too.
This group is for all ddlg's who love to write. Be it song, poem, story, or book. Imagination is the limit. So lets go sky high.    If you like to read your welcome here, too.    Everyone can share their works of art here.... I hope you join. And  everyone can have...
23 members
Kik group #DreamingHearts
Anyone is welcome to join. Just remember to post your aslr
2 members
Washington State DDLG/CGl/ABDL :)
This group is to help find friends and meet new people in washington state :) 
5 members
Howrse International Version
For those who play the online and mobile game howrse
1 members
Sweet RPG
For anyone who loves Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and other RPG systems!
5 members
Littles and Care Givers from Washington State
Hi I'm Kyle I wanted to make this group to find local people if possible, I'm from Graham Washington and would like to connect with others!
5 members
Its ok 2 B lil in Oklahoma
Place for Daddys and lils looking to connect in oklahoma
1 members
Pastel little things
A place for little to be their pastel little self's 
9 members
I saw a group was made for calling out creeps and perverts on the forum, so I thought it’d be a great idea to make a group based around promoting the true Daddies and littles of the community. Give a shout out to people who make this forum a positive place or post conversations that meant something ...
5 members
little's looking for online babysitters
hi this is group is to help little's find a babysitter for when their caregiver isn't living with then or when they need to fell safe 
25 members
DDLG Balkan
Cao svima.
2 members

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