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Little's of color support group

Little's of color support group

SoI have been in the lifestyle for a little while.  I joined right when I hit 17. I've been to many munches and I've met all sorts of people.  

I don't know if it was the area,  BUT you rarely come across little's that are poc. If you do,  you sense a self hatred. 

I've  itall; "no blacks ",  "black little's aren't cute",  seen as too aggressive" or people are interested for racial fetish (can be /IS VERY DANGEROUS).

I'm not sure if anyone will join the group,  but if so.. Yay :D share stories,  show supportrelate etc etc. This is not a buffet for people to pick out submissives. Nor am I trying to segregate.. It's a support/safe space. (Dom/Domme -poc welcome too/*all*)

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