For Caregivers and littles with an interest in BDSM!
2955 members
Gaming little's and daddy's
Hello, and welcome to my group for little's and daddy's/mommy's that are gamers.  I happen to be a gamer, and I don't have a lot of friends who are into video games.  These games, can range from for example cooking mama to more intense games like Fallout 4.  I want to know what games ...
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DDLG Snapchat Squad
For little or middle girls/boys and daddies/mommies/ caregivers to Exchange snapchats to find there special someone or make friends ALL ARE WELCOME !
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Single Daddy Dom's/Master's And Little's/Pets Hangout
erm made this  for everyone tbh that's single and want to chill and meet new people 
1529 members
Plus size littles and CGs
This is a group for plus size littles, caregivers, doms etc You can use the group to vent about the lack of clothing there is available, share any ideas or useful information such as where to get plus size items, and be in a place that makes you feel more confident and make allows you to make fwiend...
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Polyamorous littles and caregivers
Looking to join poly, expand your family, or just make poly friends? This is the place for that. Whether you're interested in primaries/secondaries, triad, quad, poly family, something open, something closed, a V, other letters, or just friends, you can find that here. <3 Personally Daddy and ...
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This group is for anyone on here that uses kik and wants to join ddlg kik groups or promote there group.
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Midwest Crew
A group for littles and Caregivers living in the Midwest!
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New to the community!!
This is a group for new and/or unsure littles and care givers that need advise, tips and tricks to get better comfortable with the community!!
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Disney fans!!!!!
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U.S Westside
A group for Caretakers, Littles, Middles, pets and all the in between. that live in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii.      
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Stuffie Addicts Anonymous
It's like an AA group but for those adorable little boys and little girls that have an addiction to stuffies. It's a judgment free zone where you can talk about all things stuffie related and make like minded new friends.
596 members
Serious Discipline
Discussion of real discipline, serious training, etc.
582 members
Older daddies and littles who love them
This is for the older amongst us and anyone who loves the older CG
574 members
Group for Littles/Middles who are sexual in Little space and caregivers who support them
568 members
Littles Needing Friends
This group is just for littles who are in need of friends. Everyone welcome <3
569 members
Alternative style littles and daddy's
Goth, emo, hippie, have a "different" taste in fashion?All welcome.
574 members
anime anime anime
563 members
NorthEast U.S states
For people who live in the north east of the united states!! Anyone welcome!! :)
472 members
LGBT Peeps
I place for littles and bigs who are LGBT+ or supporting
463 members

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