Im just trying to find someone who loves nuggets/tenders, is up for both lazy days and adventerous ones and if everything goes well a trip to Build-a-bear Workshop!

● What I'd bring as your possible Daddy Dom.
(A few examples).


• I'd be your #1 Fan/Supporter.

• I'd believe in my girl more then she does herself, and I'll see you for more then who you're, but also for who you can become.

• I'd like you to be the reason my eyes lighten up when you enter the room.

• I'd be proud of you, and admire you not only for what you achieve, but for what you strive to do, and for who you're...I'd accept you for who you're, flaws and all. (Flaws can be beautiful & unique).


• continuing from above not only do I accept your flaws, but I'd know all your flaws, because I'd be the one you open up too and bare your soul with compared to others.

• Although you may have many friends, or best friends in your life, ultimately "Daddy" (or what you prefer to call me) will be your best trustee with anything you'd like to talk about, because what we talk about stays with us. In turn I'd be the one you hold nothing with, and one who doesn't mind talking to you whenever.


• I'm the protector of my girl, whether it be any threats, dangers or bad people.

• I'm here to love, care and give affection to my little when she's low on it...and in turn if I ever feel protective you're there to let me know you're mine. No one should be messing with Daddy's little one!


• As your mentor/teacher I'll show you new things that I've learned through my experiences/life experiences.

• I'd like to take my girl to places she's never been too, feed her foods she's yet to try, and try activities she never thought she'd enjoy...this will bring me some joy, knowing as I look at you that I've given you a new experience you've never had before...this can also have sexual connotations, but we will cross that bridge when we do.


• I'll be your guide in a sense giving you some knowledge...considering my girl does have a life outside of little space in the big world, I'll be there to answer any questions from the big world so I can calm any fears,insecurities, and stress you may have.


• I as a DaddyDom will be the unmovable, and firm anchor in which holds you in place despite a storm...no matter what what happens in my girls life, my girl knows Daddy will be right there for her, like I always will, and this will hold to be true whether she has any doubt due to negative feelings.

• As a Daddy I know that any storm usually passes, and that you'll be safe,however during the storm I'll be there so you have something stable to hold onto.


• When my girl misbehaves she will be disciplined or punished for stepping out of line...please note as much as I'd like to reward my little and spoil her, this will cause my girl to become bratty,which is a no no.

• In addition, if no discipline is instilled unto my girl, she will no longer have structure or stability that a little one needs...therefore as much as rewards exist so do the counterpart of punishments.

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