m a Pet:
Im a kitty, very much personality wise. I enjoy my kitty accessories and playing with toys and snuggling with an owner, I love naps, being very cute and wanting of attention. I am also a bunny and look forward to my bunny accessories.

I am a Submissive:
I enjoy making people happy and pleasing them no matter what(I even send my friends random gits in the mail), I enjoy being told what to do sexually and non sexually.

I am a teenage Little:
I enjoy being taken care of, sometimes chidrens toys, sippy cups and teething ring,pacifers, maybe even pull ups, coloring, being feed, reading childrens books, and being gently taken care of guidance wise.

I am a pansexual genderfluid person and I am looking for an individual or couple to date and hopefully make into a family. I enjoy some pc video games, Im getting an Xbox soonish.

I also enjoy larping and online rp games. Im a big nerd and proud of it, i listen to NPR and John Green podcasts, I watch Lets Plays, scary, romantic and funny movies, but I prefer scary or super hero movies/shows. I love nature and love to go on walks, kayaking, boating, fishing and just sitting by a campfire or playing corn hole.

I am a goth/hippy/basic/hispter in clothing. I am also a Multi Theist; I worship aspects of Chirstianity, Greek Goddess Athena, Egyptian Gods Anubis and Thoth and I am a Satanist

.What is great about you? I love to cook, I have a very large imagination, my heart is very big, I am a very attentive person, you will always feel wanted. What are your goals?My goal is to date someone for a while and hopefully start a family. Whether the children are mine or theirs. What would you like to be great about your partner? I seek a partner that is attenative, loving, understanding of those with disabilities, tolerant of those of the LGBTQ+, open minded, loves nature and family life.

I am on disability for anxiety and depression in which I am on medication and seeing a therapist. If my anxiety is high I have agoraphobia. I also have non epileptic seizures(staring spells) so I can not drive, so you would have to come to me or be on a path for a train.

My family is very very important to me, I have moved away from them several times but it increases my anxiety, depression and suicidal idealation too much so I would have to remain in my hometown, so if things worked out to be a family, you would have to move to my area.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I'll answer mostly anything.

So if your interested in a quirky oddity with a passion for being creative then take my hand...

Thank you for reading!

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