As a Daddy Dom you'll be my everything, I would be the sun, moon, and light of your life, it's important to me to love and care for my Little. The DDLG dynamic is a thing of absolute beauty. I'll be very clear. It is of the utmost importance to earn your trust. We would be partners in this dynamic. This requires communication, compromise and compassion. With any BDSM relationship you need to know each other’s likes and respect them. Never penalize for ones kinks or likes. We should understand that while the Daddy is the dominant, you as a Little are the Sub. Just like with BDSM—for a Daddy Dom, you will be my WORLD

If my Little requires to re-locate I will be more than happy to accommodate and help with the transition.

(I'm in Florida, so that means close to Disney ❤)

If this maybe of interest please feel free to contact me and please tell me somethings about yourself also you can ask me anything you like.

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