I'm very shy but I want some little friends.
My daddy doesn't like me talking to boys he's very jealous when it comes to me so I try to not to talk to boys.
I've been a little all my life but just found out about ddlg about two years ago after I got married my age goes from 1 to 16 depending on how I feel when I go in little space.
I'm also a pet.. a little kitten.
Me and daddy are slowly getting into master/slave a little bit too now. I am not looking for another daddy I am very happy with my daddy and I won't cheat on him ever I won't even talk to another daddy because I feel like that's cheating on my daddy.. hims is my one and only dom



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    Favorite Bedtime Story?
    What’s your favorite bedtime story? I love when my Daddy makes up stories just for me, but there are a few books I like too! Tiger’s Bedtime5 Minute...
    I like the tinker bell books! I have almost all of them and those are my favorite bedtime stories
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    Aug 12
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  • GypsyPrincess
    I gots addicted to ddlg stories on wattpad. Somes of them is so good if anyone has it I can give my name on it so we cans follow watch others ons there too
    Aug 10
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  • GypsyPrincess
    I haven't been in in so long!!! I missed it but I'm back now
    Aug 10
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