Hey I'm a 20 year old game design student from germany.
I am a straight little but I am willing to switch for the right person.
I have more experience as a sub but I am usually very assertive, outgoing and opinionated. I choose to be submissive only to my partner, since that's what I prefer in a relationship. As a submissive, I tend to get very dependent and clingy, eventhough I am the complete opposite in my everyday life.
Please don't hesitate to message me so we can get to know each other!

DDlg Personality Test

Category Score
submissive 100%
pet 94%
sexual littlespace 90%
obedient 89%
middle 89%
masochist 78%
age-regressor 57%
soft-caregiver 56%
brat 33%
dominant 31%
hard-caregiver 26%
baby 19%
sadist 17%
babytalk 11%
stuffie-addict 4%
diaper-lover 0%

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