Well mega new to this site, done this social media thing before with slight success, great experiencs gained as a result, however not done it seriously for a while. Too addicting! Got low expectations, doesn't seem so big of a user base but, hopefully will be proved wrong. Prove me wrong!

So if you need someone serious about this kink in your life hit me up & send a message so we can make baby steps toward getting to know each other.

Looking for UK LGs., I'm a young looking 29 yrs male in North of UK.

Feel free to ask me anything you like.

As I said I'm doubtful there is even a small gathering of real UK accounts for LGs looking to indulge this part of their life so let's see.

Face pics on request, you can see I'm no minger and take care of myself. Don't be put off by my age either I'd like to think if I can make you smile & be happiier about things then a few years difference is a minor detail. Especially so for a LG who maybe has a fluid sense of their age.

I don't want anything more than your willing to give. You can set the pace. Just be nothing other than your true self when with me i accept for some this is a big step & maybe be a difficult venture to undertake.

Rant over

Peace baby girl,, looking forward to hear from you.

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