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    Please read!!! So you think your a Daddy Dom??? ☢⛔⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️⛔☢ ❗A TW Announcement❗before you read on, please note there maybe mentions of various types of abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sub drop, self harming and or anything associated within these topics, if you're an individual that is triggered by anything within the parameters of these topics then this post may not be for you. If you chose not to heed my warning, then read on at your own risk. Thankies 💋 ♡Little=^.^=Red♡ Your friend in RL (Real Life), on SM (Social Media), or you came across a stranger on a page, in a group or on a friend's wall and you find out they're a little. You're drawn to their innocence, their personality and everything about them draws you in and you then at that moment decide you want one. You do anything and everything in your power to get yourself a little, now you have one. It goes well at first, you think you're the bees knees cos you now have that with which your heart most desired... Then once your little has gotten comfortable around you, he/she comes more out of their shell, they're testing the waters a little here and there, they're throwing the odd tantrum, when you're away they're messaging wanting your attention. Attention. Attention. Attention. Attention. All they seem to want is your time, they're demanding, needy, attention attention attention. You then after a few weeks pull back little by little, giving them even less of your time, less attention, less contact less everything. Meanwhile at their home said little is feeling more and more traumatized. Feeling more and more isolated. Wondering what it was they did wrong. Buzzing through their brains at a million miles a minute is everything they experienced with you. From what interaction they had with you. How they were with you. Asking themselves over and over and over again if they were too needy. Too clingy. Did you find yourself another little, a prettier one, slimmer one. Did they behave too bratty, throw too big a tantrum and you found a newer better behaved little. Did they behave too little. Did they freak you out cos they went super deep into little space. Were you freaked out cos they wear diaper/nappy (some not all). or cos they use a bottle/sippy cup (some not all), or cos they use a pacifier/dummy (some not all). These are just to name a few things that may go through your little's brain. They're triggering, anxiety or panic attacks (some not all), in the worse of cases some have been know to self harm, they can't handle the pain they're going through so they inflict pain on themselves to get a little reprieve from their mind(s). They may go through mild or quite hard sub drop. • Abandonment is a thing. One of the main causes of damage a little goes through in the wrong hands. I should know as I have abandonment issues myself, from childhood to adulthood and as a little. • Abandonment: this isn't just something we experience(d) with a CG/DD type. We can experience this with losing friends or family members. Littles form attachment(s) quite quickly. This isn't something we have any control over, no matter how slow or quick a friendship, time with a Potential, with their caregiver, Protector or family member. Once this has ended for whatever reason, the little will feel affected in one way or other. • Separation anxiety is not just something an animal goes through. Little's go through this also. I should know, something I also have. • Separation Anxiety: This is a another big one. The cause? Usually it's bought on by long periods of radio silence. Depending on the individual depends on how severe they're affected. Some little's can't handle a couple to a few hours without being affected in a negative way. Myself, I can handle 24 hrs or under, but 24 hrs is my limit anything over that is a hard limit for me. Prolonged periods of radio silence for a little can be very very damaging. For me, the ones that caused my separation anxiety were a Master, a Dom and a switch, these only had dealings with regular submissive(s). Yes I'm a bratty sub, but I'm not a regular sub, I'm a little as well. And they had treated me as you would a regular submissive and had left me without any contact whatsoever. One of them hadn't contacted me for a whole week. No matter how much you feel we're cute, that our innocence draws you in, or you desire us and really want one. Please remember, all little's are human beings, with hearts and emotions just like the next person. We're not just some toy when you get bored that you can throw away and come back to at a later date cos you're bored and want a little attention... Nah! If you are wanting or considering finding a little for yourself(selves) please, please, please do your RESEARCH. Research. Research. Research and more Research. Speak with other CG's, DD's, MD's, ask them of their experiences with caring for little's. Please do NOT take on a little until you are 1000% sure you're ready for that kind of responsibility. Look within yourself and ask yourself what kind of little you're able to care for. If you're super busy then a little that's high maintenance and requires a lot of attention isn't the little for you. Every little is unique, some have more requirements than than others. But be sure within your whole being that you are ready for this responsibility, because little's are a very complex beings and can be severely affected and damaged should you at a later date have a change of heart.Please read!!! So you think your a Daddy Dom??? ☢⛔⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️⛔☢ ❗A TW Announcement❗before you read on, please note there maybe mentions of various types of abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sub drop, self harming and or anything associated within these topics, if you're an individ...See more
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    Goooood morning!!! ^^
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    What's everyone's opinions on littles with tattoos?
    I have a few of them and I love them to bits, but not everyone likes them on littles. I also plan on having many more but they all don't have "special meanings".
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    I really drink way too much soda *.*
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    To evewyones who not having da best day... NO MAKES DA KITTY SAD hehe :3
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    Has I mentioned how amazings my Daddy is?!? New unicorn socks for cozy tootsies.
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    Is it ok for a daddy to be shy?
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