Hiya I'm Jen, I'm 20 (turning 21 next month). I'm a little and a pet, I've been in the ddlg community for about 4 years and petplay community about 3. I'm a goth and horror lover, I love Tim Burton animated movies and Batman.

I'm kinda shy until I get to know you, I enjoy scifi and fantasy movies and TV series as well as comedy like Friends. I love rock music and emo music as well. Anyways sorry for the long introduction, if you'd like to be friends don't be afraid to message me ^-^

My Birthday

Aug 12

DDlg Personality Test

Category Score
age-regressor 100%
pet 100%
brat 100%
babytalk 100%
submissive 96%
masochist 94%
baby 94%
stuffie-addict 79%
sexual littlespace 64%
obedient 33%
hard-caregiver 0%
soft-caregiver 0%
dominant 0%
sadist 0%
diaper-lover 0%
middle 0%

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