GypsyPrincess's groups

For Caregivers and littles with an interest in BDSM!
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Disney fans!!!!!
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Stuffie Addicts Anonymous
It's like an AA group but for those adorable little boys and little girls that have an addiction to stuffies. It's a judgment free zone where you can talk about all things stuffie related and make like minded new friends.
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Alternative style littles and daddy's
Goth, emo, hippie, have a "different" taste in fashion?All welcome.
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New to the community!!
This is a group for new and/or unsure littles and care givers that need advise, tips and tricks to get better comfortable with the community!!
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Emo band littles
This group is for the littles who love emo bands such as, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco and etc. 
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Literature Club
For those whose hearts go doki doki from the thought of poetry, short stories, novels, fan fiction, etc! Post your own stories in here or express your undying love for your favorite books/authors! 
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Bedtime Story
Right this group is here for one thing and one thing only to see if we can form a group big enough for bedtime stories, if enough people follow this group I'll make a discord where every daddy / mommy is welcome to read bedtime stories no matter the time seeing as we all have different time zones ev...
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