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Midwest Crew
A group for littles and Caregivers living in the Midwest!
227 members
Gaming little's and daddy's
Hello, and welcome to my group for little's and daddy's/mommy's that are gamers.  I happen to be a gamer, and I don't have a lot of friends who are into video games.  These games, can range from for example cooking mama to more intense games like Fallout 4.  I want to know what games ...
527 members
Alternative style littles and daddy's
Goth, emo, hippie, have a "different" taste in fashion?All welcome.
127 members
New to the community!!
This is a group for new and/or unsure littles and care givers that need advise, tips and tricks to get better comfortable with the community!!
70 members
Writing, it is a lifestyle, too.
This group is for all ddlg's who love to write. Be it song, poem, story, or book. Imagination is the limit. So lets go sky high.    If you like to read your welcome here, too.    Everyone can share their works of art here.... I hope you join. And  everyone can have...
25 members
Chicago is a huge place and it's influences even reach into Wisconsin and Indiana. This is a place for members of the community local to the area
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