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Midwest Crew
A group for littles and Caregivers living in the Midwest!
535 members
Disney fans!!!!!
493 members
Stuffie Addicts Anonymous
It's like an AA group but for those adorable little boys and little girls that have an addiction to stuffies. It's a judgment free zone where you can talk about all things stuffie related and make like minded new friends.
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Gaming little's and daddy's
Hello, and welcome to my group for little's and daddy's/mommy's that are gamers.  I happen to be a gamer, and I don't have a lot of friends who are into video games.  These games, can range from for example cooking mama to more intense games like Fallout 4.  I want to know what games ...
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Little Witches coven
A welcoming group for any wiccans, witch or pagan derived persons! Spiritual or just curious! We can learn together!
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Role playing for L/D
Hai! *giggles* I’m LittleGlittlerFox (aka madi) I’m making this group because I don’t see any RP groups ;-;. So I’m here to make one that all of you can be a part of.
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Polyamorous littles and caregivers
Looking to join poly, expand your family, or just make poly friends? This is the place for that. Whether you're interested in primaries/secondaries, triad, quad, poly family, something open, something closed, a V, other letters, or just friends, you can find that here. <3 Personally Daddy and ...
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LGBT Peeps
I place for littles and bigs who are LGBT+ or supporting
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Midwestern DDLG.
Just a switch from Minnesota and looking for friends in the midwest.
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Military Littles
A group for those who have a partner in the military. I know it’s hard to find others out there that have similar experiences.
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Long Distance CGL
A fun place where CGs and Littles can give and recive advice on having a long distance relationship in the CGL community! :3
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MDLG Only!
Hello! I would like this to be a safe group for little girls and Mommy Dommes only! Have like minded discussions here and even meet your long term partner! Women only!
109 members
You like Marvel? , You like D.C ? And your in Ddlg and Bdsm?.. Well welome here to the Community of Marvel and D.C.!Nerd out , Freak out , fangirl out and boy fan out. Share your interest. Taste and Arguments of the common nerd discussions. Rules: Be nice. Respect everyones taste in opionions , Even...
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Bedtime Story
Right this group is here for one thing and one thing only to see if we can form a group big enough for bedtime stories, if enough people follow this group I'll make a discord where every daddy / mommy is welcome to read bedtime stories no matter the time seeing as we all have different time zones ev...
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