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Your Quick Guide to DDlg

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What does 'DDlg' stand for?

DDlg stands for 'Daddy-Dom / little girl'. DDlg grew out of the BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism & Masochism) scene, and generally involves a dominant partner (the Daddy-Dom or Caregiver) and a submissive partner (the little).

Does DDlg involve actual children?

DDlg does not involve actual children in any way. DDlg is a BDSM-related fetish for consenting adults. Just as BDSM does not involve actual slavery, DDlg does not involve actual children.

Is DDlg related to pedophilia?

DDlg is not in any way about pedophilia. DDlg is a sub-category of BDSM, and uses a parent-child relationship as a model for creating a loving, caring Dom-sub relationship. DDlg is a relationship model on which consenting adults can build a Dom-sub fetish relationship, and an interest in DDlg is in no way indicative of pedophilia.

What kind of people are interested in DDlg?

You'll find all kinds of people from all walks of life in DDlg. Some people find themselves drawn to the idea of fulfilling a 'parental' role, getting to take care of their parner and be their protector, provider and mentor. Others are attracted to the idea of being in a submissive BDSM relationship where they can be completely open, innocent and vulnerable, and still trust that their Dom/caregiver will look after them, care for them, and accept them.

So what is DDlg all about?

As a subcategory of BDSM, DDlg relationships are often very similar to Dom/sub or Master/slave relationships. The most obvious difference however is that the power-difference is played out in the form of a Caregiver/little (parent/child) relationship, instead of a Master/slave relationship.

In comparison to traditional BDSM relationships, DDlg relationships are usually far more focused on the dominant partner's role as a caregiver for his submissive partner. Like a child/parent relationship, DDlg offers a caring, loving, and supportive environment for the submissive partner. Discipline and punishment are often present, but it's likely to be emphasized as being for the submissive partner's benefit.

What is a Daddy-Dom?

The Daddy-Dom (or 'Caregiver') is the dominant partner in the relationship, who takes on the role of a caregiver, similar to the role of a caring parent.

What is a 'little'?

The submissive parner in a DDlg relationship is the 'little'. They will typically take on child-like behaviors and mannerisms which emphasize their submissive position.

What is age-regression?

Age-regression, also referred to as 'little-space', is a state of mind in which a person 'regresses' to a younger mental state. It's a way of trying to recapture that innocent, child-like state of youth.

So is DDlg about diapers and adult babies?

Most people who are into DDlg are not at all interested in diapers or in 'adult babies'. Diaper fetishists make up a separate community, known as ABDL (adult-baby / diaper lover). There is obviously some overlap between ABDL and DDlg, but those with an interest in ABDL are a minority in the DDlg community.

Are all Daddy-doms male, and all littles female?

There are many caregivers and littles of both genders (and states in-between). The term Cg/l (caregiver/little) is sometimes used as a less gendered way of referring to DDlg style relationships, but most people use DDlg to refer to any caregiver/little relationship, regardless of the gender of the participants.

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